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5th Generation Texian
a simple crop might be the trick. This crop moves the white lights away from the central view and moves the foreground signal to a more dominant 'Rule of Thirds' position.

Framing in the camera a bit wider than you initially think can be helpful. I would like to have more to work with on the left side of the background signal but no-can-do as is.

Regardless I think you should print it. I like it very much just as is. My suggestions are only because you asked....

Ed Sand

General Idiot
I like both, but personally prefer the original. I think the white lights in the background are what make the photograph interesting and unique. Your eye and imagination are drawn to them, to wonder what's there, what's going on, and I think that part of the scene is especially evocative. To me, it reminds me of the lights of the farm when I was a kid on a misty damp evening.

The signals and trees then provide an interesting visual framework for that scene. I've seen hundreds of pictures of signals at night like that, and if it was just that it'd be boring.


Photo Critiques Welcome
There’s two ways to look at it. While it’s a thing not a person it can be thought of as a portrait and for a portrait of the signal Ken’s crop takes out some of the distractions from subject. It can be in the landscape family too as an environmental portrait. There the signal isn’t the main subject but rather part of the subject, the environment the signal is in. The emptiness to the right gives a sense of distance or emptiness. The white lights kind of cut this off short. The red beams pierce to the left giving distance the other way or indicating there something there about to enter the view. I’d try to bring the contrast up and deepen some of the blacks without killing the fog.
Ah, that's art for you...different stokes for different folks.

I happen to love the original - the white lights in the background help the striking red in the foreground stand out even more.

Thanks for the photo.

Amtk 1007

Amtrak Conductor
That it is.

Amtk 1007 I'm curious. What were your thoughts.

I appreciate all the comments. While I agree it would have been nice to incorporate that which is behind the other signal, that tiche crop was by design to cut out even more white lights, as there is a bar there.

I had been wanting to try that shot, the signals in the fog for quite some time
and now seeing this, i am wonfering if I would be better to try to find a different location.
While the white lights are a distraction, they might help by enhancing the silhouette effect. At any rate its a great shot. I'd be proud of it if it were mine.


Photo Critiques Welcome
I still like a little deeper black, but not so much it takes out the fog. A first blush I thought the white light a distraction but looking at it again I’m on the fence. It silhouettes pole in the background and gives some balance. The red light piercing the fog is a bold element but the background pulls the eye back into the picture. I give it thumbs up. I’d shoot that spot again. If you’re a fan of streaking motion shots, that could be a great spot.
I really like your original photo -- very impressive!
The white lights not only don't bother me -- I think
they add to the atmosphere.

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