CF Slot Errors

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Like many D70’s, mine had fallen victim to the dreaded “CHA” error. It started with files on the card that “contained no data” or were missing an end statement when Photo Shop tried to open them. Soon the CHA error appeared and the body would not recognize any CF cards. A bit of research turned up discussions on ribbon cable connector failures.

With nothing to loose I decided to attempt a self repair. I located a link to article detailing the procedure to repair the ribbon connector. In the same thread I found a post from a guy who sprayed his CF slot pins with contact cleaner and plugged a card in and out while the pins were still wet. Once dry, his CHA error was gone.

I sprayed my pins and an old CF card with a dose of electronic contact cleaner, plugged the card in and out then dried it with canned air. After about four rounds of this the CHA error disappeared. I’ve since shot 100+ frames and had the card in and out several times with not trouble. Fingers are crossed but so far things look good.

If the spray method is a bit crude for your tastes, Adorama sells a cleaning kit.

If you have the genuine D70 connector problem here’s a link to the repair article.


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this is great info. Altho I don't use Nikon, the info is great for those that do and may provide a lot of peace of mind if/when it happens.

With about 25 years doing connectors (and all the problems with them), if what you describe is the fix, then it sounds like the connector in the camera has poor plating. It SHOULD be gold plated with a nickel undercoat to avoid copper migration thru the gold and then forming copper oxides that will screw up the connection. It is a standard plating in the electronics industry but I've seen more than one very large electronics company skip the nickel undercoating over the years. It wouldn't surprise me if it happened here. (it probably isn't Nikon's fault as the connector is likely a standard made by lots of folks for lots of manufacturers like Nikon)

If in fact the nickel undercoat has been deleted, skipped or compromised, the cleaning operation you did will have to be done on a every-increasing-frequency forever. You might take note of how often you have the issue and then set up a schedule to clean it before it shows up as a missed shot. Thankfully it is pretty simple, and while not a permanent fix it's about as good as can be done without replacing the connector itself.

Yeah, this was probably way too much info, but maybe it will help someone somewhere.


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D70 Rides Again

The pin cleaning was indeed a temporary fix. After a time the cleaning became ineffective. But for $187, Authorized Photo Service in Chicago turned it around in about a week with a new connector, sensor cleaning, focus adjustment and lens mount alignment check.

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