BNSF track projects, WA State 2014

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On the other side of the hill, there was a rail train, laden with new rail, westbound, through Yakima yesterday afternoon. Wonder where he was going.


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Hey, Mark, they put in a #24 at MP 27 on the Scenic sub and according to my bosses, they plan to double track next year both single track sections: MP 16 - 18 and 27-28. Now, looking at the switch, the last couple of days, it looks like another #24 could go in there between that new switch and the MP 27 EBC signals making a single crossover there Eastbound Main 2 to Main 1, and then they could continue a new Main 2 up to MP 28. Is that the plan? Or is another # 24 destined for MP 28 just to speed up the passenger trains? My bosses don't know, yet . Thanks ahead of time.
In future projects news, the big Bascule bridge over Salmon Bay, with the troublesome trunnion bearings, north of Seattle is planned to be replaced with an entirely new span utilizing a horizontal lift bridge. The whole thing will be built immediately west of the existing bridge so as not to impact operations. The last time GN had to do this job when the huge concrete counterweight sort of fell off(!), they had a detour through Ballard, which must have been fun to watch and a huge headache for the dispatcher.

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More immediately for me, the triple track in south Auburn stops at Ellingson Rd, and will have to bridge both the road and then the White River with at least additional single track spans. The truss bridge over the river is getting a bit long in the tooth, and scuttlebutt suggests the entire bridge will be replaced. This will be quite the challenge since there's not much real estate on either side of the ROW; I could almost see BNSF, hat in hand, politely asking to detour over the nearby UP line for a little while. I live in the trailer park across the street, so it could be fun to watch. If they're actually going to do this project in my remaining lifetime! I'm getting a bit long in the tooth, too.
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