BNSF main line blocked west of Galesburg, IL

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The Unwanted Line
Does anyone know what is going on west of Galesburg, IL they have the southwest Chief stopped for rerouting due to bridge fire. just wondering if there is any info out here on it. My mom is on the train, would like to know what is going on.


The Ottumwa IA derailment happened on Sunday 17 May just after train 5 CZ had departed Chicago IL.. This derailment happened just a bit west of the Des Moines RIver bridge thats just west of Ottumwa ,Iowa. AS a result of this Amtrak decided to Combine the CZ 5 with he SW CHief trian 3 at Galesburg IL and run combined train to Kansas City MO. Amtrak management required that train 5 CZ be turned backwards and attached to SW CHief 3 at Galesburg. This made a suepr long train bookended with Sw Chief Power at the front end and the CZ power at the far rear end.

The long combied train ran in this format to Kansas CIty MO where train CZ 5 was removed and sent direct to LIncoln NE to reJoin the normal route. Monday 28th Trians 5 and 6 detoured via Ames IA and ROchelle IL over the former Chicago Northwestern mainline. Both trians 5 and 6 met at Nelson IL. Train 5 Westbound passed Rochelle IL Rail stream railcams at 1640 hours CT. Train 6 eastbound passed ROchelle at 1751 hours CDT. Trian 5 west passed ELmhurst IL at 255 Pm CDT. Train 6 arrived Chicago Union station NORTH side OTC at approx 730 PM CDT. That is the info I have as I post this at about 2300 CT or 11PM CT.

just fyi for historic record Last THursday 24 may there was a Large derailment in Aurora IL where the 2 mainlines merge --Twincities to Chicago and Galesburg IL to Chicago IL. This was created teh first major Amtrak mess with detourint around it. ONLY Trian 6 eastbound California Zephyr was by aurora IL B4 this derailment happened. The other 3 Amtrak trains 3--4 and 5 were forced onto a detour via the fomrmer Santa Fe Rialway running thru Joliet IL--Streator IL --Chilicothe IL-Galesburg. THis detour required a rather time consming three-point-turn in Galesburg IL to point in the proper direction. THe westbound amtrak trains were delayed almost 12 hours gettign thru this ess caused by the Aurora IL derailment. This is the event that started the BIG delays to these western Long Distance trains. So there have now been TWO -2-- big disruptions in less than ONE week for poor Amtrak.
There's also been a major tunnel issue on the UP, somewhere in Oregon. The Coast Starlight is being turned around north and south of there, with passengers being bused inbetween. I haven't yet found a news article on this, but it's being reported on Altamont Press and Trainorders. Even talk of detours on Siskyous Pass, to the extent track and clearance conditions permit. Same goes for other possible detours.
THis Major tunnel collapse is east of Eugene Oregon and west fo Chemult Oregon. This WILL sadly disrupt the AMtrak Coast Starlight trains 11 and 14. The last official UPRR estimate is for 7 to 10 days. MY OPINION is prepare for a 1 MONTH or More Closure.
fyi CHemult Oregon is about 70 miles north of Klamath Falls Oregon.
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