Balaton Summer Season Start (1 v., 5 p.)

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A weekend visit to Lake Balaton in Hungary. Starting a week ago, the Balaton northern shore line features a proper international express again, seasonal G 1246/47 "Istria" Budapest to Koper and Rijeka hauled by a diesel class 418 / M41 from Székesfehérvár to Ukk. Massive diesel freight reroutes on a line with old semaphore signals around Székesfehérvár were another motivation for the trip. It paid off, with smokey spectacles from an original 628 / M62 - in total, I spotted three original M62s in action within three hours. Floyd former British Rail class 56 and other private diesel locos completed the picture.

More soon as part of a photo report.

Video screenshot preview:

After arrival by EuroCity 147 from Vienna at Budapest Kelenföld on Friday evening, June 29 2018: G 1204 "Adria" to Split hauled by a class V63!

G 1247 "Istria" (Koper/Rijeka -) Ljubljana - Budapest-Keleti passing by Balatonkenese punctually before 7 a.m. on June 30 2018. The next day it arrived in Hungary 2 1/2 hours late...

Signal? What signal?

Mini-spotlight for G 204 "Gradec / Tópart" Budapest-Déli - Zagreb on July 1 2018 along the Danube at Budafok. The steamer is 377.458 (MÁVAG #1552 / built in 1900).
Very cool, the shots overlooking Lake Balaton were very nice as is the smoky departure. I keep forgetting that Hungary has M62s, how long are these freight detours expected to last?


Proud Earthling

Thanks! :)

Until spring 2019...
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