All 8 of the new SC-44s for Amtrak Cascades are on the property.

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Locomotive Engineer!!!
Sorry no pictures but all 8 of the new SC-44 Chargers are on track 406 at Amtrak's Holgate Yard. You can see them easily from public property on Holgate Street.


Locomotive Engineer!!!
New Cascades Chargers all arrived at Amtrak Yard, Seattle.

All eight of the new Amtrak Cascades locomotives: Siemens SC-44 Chargers are on the property. Numbers AMTK 1400 - 1407 are going through extensive testing before being placed into revenue service. All eight are on one track outside the Amtrak main building south of S. Holgate Street. in Seattle, WA.

New Engines 20170012.JPG

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Two updates:
As most of you probably know by now, one of the new units was the lead diesel in the derailment near Dupont of the first revenue train to travel the new Pt. Defiance bypass route.

On 1-3-18 I finally snapped a photo of one of the new units on the trailing (north end) of the morning Vancouver, BC-Seattle Sounder. Unfortunately I was not in position on Sunset Ave. to get good photos.

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0004.jpg

A roster of all US Charger units can be seen by scrolling down this page. Does anyone have the number of the unit that was wrecked by the Nisqually derailment?

Member Yard Limits has said that the Cascades units also have a 2200 gal. fuel tank as opposed to the 1800 gallon fuel tanks of the Chargers used in the Midwest and elsewhere.
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