Abandoned EMD Model 40. Is this known?

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The video maker/poster thinks it’s a GE 44-toner. Anyone into critters - is the community of enthusiasts aware of it? According to Wikipedia three were scrapped, six are preserved and for the other two no status is given . It’s rough, no doubt, but it would be neat to see rescued.
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Bill Anderson

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Here are some interior shots of an operating 44 tonner

And here are some shots of one in operation. If you can, compare the relative size proportions of this one to the abandoned diesel in the video.


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According to Wikipedia’s source, S/N 2286 was originally delivered as USAX 7954 and shows status as scrapped. On another forum, it is stated that there was one unit that was used by American Creosoting and later Coastal Gravel, both in Louisiana. The YouTuber said that the derelict in the video is in Louisiana. I wouldn’t know how to confirm the chain of custody.
Scrapped? Or sold as scrap?
I know L&NW is/was owned by a scrap company, and they bought "scrap" equipment and put it to work.


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I probably should have put quotation marks around “scrapped” (lol). Not sure Wikipedia understands or cares about the difference. I found this, which might be Wikipedia’s source:


I don’t have the research skills for this, I was hoping someone familiar enough, or who has the research chops, would run across it. I’m not even sure how important this is to rail fans, but maybe one more of the little bugs still exists than they thought.

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