A Heritage Super Bowl Sunday!

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Steam Chaser
Hey everybody!
Today was the first day ever where I caught a heritage unit in good light! I am still in shock that everything went right! I heard they took the unit off of the train and that there would be heavy cloud cover. Neither were true!
Marc66 and I headed out to Gasconade, which is way out west. We explored a little before settling for the bridge shot you see below. When I heard the train coming and saw 7720 as the leader, I knew 1996 was on back!
1-2. Train crossing Gasconade River in Gasconade. The modern bridge replaced the old single-tracked bridge last year. Before then, this used to be a major bottleneck on the line.
3-4. Then on to Eureka. I wanted to go to Pacific but we needed gas (Gasconade is a way from our house).


Steam Chaser
5. Then it got interesting! When the gates went up at the crossing, we reached our car and were about to get in. However, the gates went back down. Another train was coming. I saw it was coal and though about just leaving, but when I saw the CNW leader, I knew I had to shoot it! Wow, fallen flag coal train! I saw the DPU from the bridge, and it was just a UP.
6-7. The train at Maplewood. I wanted to get the old gas station in the shot, but it didn't work out as well as I planned. Oh well, at least I got it.
8. The train crosses the Mississippi river on the MacAurthur Bridge. This shot could have been a lot better, but we got here 5 seconds too late.


Steam Chaser
Then, in Lindenwood yard, a ES44C4 and an UNPATCHED Warbonnet right next to each other! It was obstructed, but oh well! That was a great way to end an already awesome day!
Thanks for looking! Enjoy the photos!


Steam Chaser
Thanks for the comments guys!
Jeff- It was a great day railfanning!
Brad- The bridges are awesome. I wish I could have gotten a better shot from the MacAurthur Bridge, but the Gasconade bridge came out good I think.
Nathan- Thanks!

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