844 West and E9's in Omaha

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Here are my photos from Saturday!

1. This may be my All Time new favorite Photo!!!
Near Fremont

2. In Omaha near 84th Street

3. Near North Bend

4. Near North Bend

5. Quick Check on a valve near Clarks, NE

6. Near Clarks, NE

7. Near Clarks, NE

8. East of Grand Island, NE

9. Refueling in Grand Island

10. When the train got to North Platte, they took of the 844 and added on the E9 Locomotives, and headed back to Omaha.

11. E9's in Omaha!


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Great set of photos Brad! Which of the cars pacing us were you in?

I'll get my photos up from the inside of the dome in a few days!
Very nice shots! I love them all! Wish I could have gotten time off to catch the return.
Thanks! I got tired of missing out too and now take vacation days. Steam trips are rare enough for vacation days.

Very very nice photos Brad! Thanks for posting them!
Thanks and your welcome

Wow! Another amazing set of photos. I can't believe how sharp, well exposed, and composed each shot is. Very nice job.
Thanks. I do sharpen them after I get them to the final size. As far as the exposure and composition, I had a lot of photo teachers in the past that would take what I thought was a good photo and tell me I need to go back in to the dark room and crop it or go back in the dark room and play with the exposure more. Its stuck with me.

Very nice set Brad!!! :)
Thanks Buddy!

Beautiful shots Brad. Very very nicely done!

Great set of photos Brad! You did quite the chase:)
Thanks Ed! I was following you most of the way out. It was fun to see you inside the train waving.

Great set of photos Brad! Which of the cars pacing us were you in?
I was in a dark grey Volkswagen with a whitek-nuckled girlfriend driving.

Great shots Brad. Did you brave the storm for a night shot of the engine on 13th street?
Thanks Rick! No, I had to shoot photos of the Creighton Basketball game that night for Rivals otherwise I would have. By the time I got done it was late

Thanks Jeff

If you haven't read it enough, great photos!
You can never get too much! Thanks Mark!

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