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  1. Bring your marshmallows...

    Bring your marshmallows...

    As the progession of ConRail's single-tracking project of the old Boston & Albany proceeded westward from Boston, certain areas required some small "clean-up" jobs. At, the then new, CP 57 in Charlton, MA. a few jointed sections of rail which were left over from removal of former...
  2. Orgotherm Welding

    Orgotherm Welding

    An NJ TRANSIT Orgotherm Weld
  3. "ID Plate"

    "ID Plate"

    This Id Plate is attached to the Rail where ever a Join was connected. East Crossing Indian Head, Sk. Cn. July 2003 Photo.
  4. "Melting Pot"

    "Melting Pot"

    This is the Melting Pot used in the making of a Liquid Rail, (Thermite Welding). This CP Rail Crew was joining the gaps in the rails where the siding connects to the Mainline plus the Mainlines East Crossing Area. Indian Head, Sk. Cdn. July 2003 Photo.
  5. Fixin' Joints

    Fixin' Joints

    An NS MofW employee does some spot welds on a crossover switch in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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