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  1. FCA 3903

    FCA 3903

    FCA 3903 and 38xx (?) scrapped at Divinopolis shops. Note the first one got fire on cab and engine compartment.
  2. FCA 3904

    FCA 3904

    FCA 3904 is the yard switcher of Vespasiano yard these days. In front of it we see the MOW car ALS-3079.
  3. FCA 2586

    FCA 2586

    FCA 2586 leading a limestone train at Nova Granja yard.
  4. FCA 2540

    FCA 2540

    FCA 2540, 2587, Vale 824 and 821 switching at Uberaba yard.
  5. FCA 2711

    FCA 2711

    FCA 2711 is one of two U20C modifield to AC traction. The project was abandonned some years ago and the two engines are scrapped at Divinopolis shops.
  6. FCA 514

    FCA 514

    FCA 514 and 3831 at Divinopolis shops
  7. FCA 2540

    FCA 2540

    FCA 2540 and 2587, EFVM 824 and 821 switching at Uberaba yard.
  8. Wilson Lobato yard

    Wilson Lobato yard

    FCA locomotives at Wilson Lobato yard.
  9. FCA 6120

    FCA 6120

    FCA 6120 leading 3678, 4180, 2687 and 3905 at Wilson Lobato yard.
  10. Transition livery

    Transition livery

    FCA 3858 is wearing the testing painting fromt he blue to the new orange livery. It is the only engine painted with orange and blue livery.
  11. Goind down Tigre hill

    Goind down Tigre hill

    FCA 2523 and 2707 leading a containers train down hil from Campos Altos yard.
  12. FCA 2508

    FCA 2508

    FCA 2508 leading a container train at Wilson Lobato yard. In front of it we see FCA 6137, the local yard switcher that day.
  13. FCA 3825 and 6132

    FCA 3825 and 6132

    FCA U20C #3825 and MX620 #6132 and 6172 at Prudente de Morais yard. 3825 is wearing the new orange livery.
  14. FCA 3835

    FCA 3835

    Me posing with FCA U20C 3835 and 2562 at Itabirito yard. Unfortunately, this line was closed some month after this photo.
  15. FCA 2585

    FCA 2585

    A high view close on the cab of FCA 2585. This loco still using old RFFSA livery.
  16. FCA 2562

    FCA 2562

    FCA 2562 and 3835 leading a train at Itabirito yard. This line was closed a few months after this photos. We cant see FCA train there anymore because then line was put off.
  17. Big sister

    Big sister

    A close on the cab of the small FCA U20C 2551 and her big sister EFVM DDM45 leading a train at Vespasiano yard.
  18. FCA 2585

    FCA 2585

    FCA 2585 is another rare U20C still using old RFFSA painting. Here we see it working as a road-switcher in is way to Nova Granja yard leading a chemical train.
  19. FCA 2505

    FCA 2505

    FCA 2505 is one of the rare U20C still using old RFFSA painting. Here we see it with another towo U20C leading an limestone train at Vespasiano yard.
  20. On the curve

    On the curve

    An FCA train doing a curve at D. Lund yard.

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