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  1. Sounder At Edmonds

    Sounder At Edmonds

    Sounder making passenger stop at Edmonds Depot.
  2. Sounder At Edmonds

    Sounder At Edmonds

    Sounder making passenger stop at Edmonds Depot.
  3. Yard Limit

    Passenger Trains Along the Seattle Waterfront

    Here are a few passenger trains that grace the Seattle area. Some nice ships too!
  4. Yard Limit

    Seattle Sounder, Amtrak Cascades, and a Grain Train Sunday, October 18, 2015, was a cloudy day in Seattle. Normally the Sound Transit “Sounder” doesn’t run on Sunday, but it’s the Seahawks versus the Panthers so there are special trains to take fans to Century Link Field. October is also harvest time. Trains bring...
  5. B

    Sound Transit Sounder Lakewood Extension - Opening Day

    Video I shot on the opening day of the Lakewood Extension of Sound Transit's Sounder commuter rail. This is the commuter rail system for the Seattle, Washington area. Lakewood is about 50 miles South of Seattle. Enjoy! 9yVQBBOoTsA
  6. P

    Sounder from Seattle to Bellevue?

    I have always wondered since the Sounder began running, how hard would it have been to link Seattle and Bellevue via the BNSF rail line? If I remember correctly the BNSF line used to be the NP [corrected] that connected up to the Everett (Scenic Sub) area. And up till recently the home of the...
  7. B

    Railroad Bridge for Sounder Train Lifted in to Place

    As part of the project to extend Sound Transit's Sounder train south from Tacoma to Lakewood, a steel bridge girder was put in to place over Pacific Ave. Trains to Lakewood should begin service in late 2012. Always exciting to see new railroad construction happening in a time when...
  8. evening Sounder

    evening Sounder

    Northbound Sounder thru Edmonds Wa.
  9. Orca departs Edmonds

    Orca departs Edmonds

    On Friday December 3, 2010, northbound Sounder train 1704 departs Edmonds, WA with the Orca unit.
  10. Fall Sounder

    Fall Sounder

    Sound Transit F59PHI leads an evening commuter run across the Green River bridge south of Auburn, WA.
  11. Heading Home

    Heading Home

    One of the evening Sounder runs streaks through Sumner WA southbound to it's final destination of Tacoma WA.
  12. Evening Sounder

    Evening Sounder

    The evening Sounder approaches a signal south of Kent, WA.
  13. Sounder Sunset

    Sounder Sunset

    The evening Sounder heads through Sumner,WA on it's way to the end of it's run at Tacoma's Freighthouse Square.
  14. Sounder at Meeker

    Sounder at Meeker

    First Southbound Sounder of the evening rounds the corner at Meeker on its way to Puyallup and Tacoma, WA
  15. Sounder at rest

    Sounder at rest

    Sound Transit F59PHI #905 waits patiently behind Tacoma's Freighthouse Square for Monday and the first commuter run of the Thanksgiving week.
  16. Last Commuter Train of the Day

    Last Commuter Train of the Day

    Last but not least, SDRX 1704 hurries to its final destination after being held up due to a malfunctioned signal behind Amtrak Empire Builder
  17. A Meet with a BNSF Z Train and Sounder Train #1700

    A Meet with a BNSF Z Train and Sounder Train #1700

    With my Camcorder on a Tripod on the left, and my DSLR Camera on my hand, It was a perfect capture of a freight/commuter meet at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park.
  18. A Double Header on Sounder Train #1700

    A Double Header on Sounder Train #1700

    This is my First time seeing a double-header on a Sounder Commuter Train
  19. SDRX 901 Pushing Home Run Service to Everett, WA.

    SDRX 901 Pushing Home Run Service to Everett, WA.

    SDRX 901 is pushing the Home Run Service back to Everett, Washington after the Seattle Mariners ended their game at Safeco Field in Seattle with a win. My buddy there was taking video of the train's departure. The Train stopped at the new station at Mukilteo, WA. That day was a free ride because...
  20. Sounder and spring blossoms

    Sounder and spring blossoms

    Southbound Sounder framed by the first blossoms of spring near Sumner, WA. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to