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  1. SOO 6053-241

    SOO 6053-241

    SOO 6053 and CEFX 3149 haul Montreal to Bensenville train 241 past the grain elevator reincarnated as an office tower at Elmstead Ontario December 9, 2011
  2. CITX 2799 (ex-UP SD45)

    CITX 2799 (ex-UP SD45)

    Former UP SD45, one of 41 SD40-2s at Moose Jaw, part of this impressive deadline lash-up: CP 5778-8264-5956-5766-5808-5599-5611-5816-5683-CITX 3091-2799-CP 8240-5643-8111-5696-5715-5692-5701-5709-5830-5805-5496-5702-5679 Can you spot another SD45 in there? Former DRGW, CP 5496 worked the hump...
  3. Unpatched SP SD40M-2 8613 sits at Homewood

    Unpatched SP SD40M-2 8613 sits at Homewood

    Unpatched SP SD40M-2 #
  4. HLCX #9037 SD40M-2, Rochelle, IL 2006

    HLCX #9037 SD40M-2, Rochelle, IL 2006

    HLCX #9037 EMD SD40M-2, Rochelle, IL 4/20/2006, Canon 350D
  5. SP 2678

    SP 2678

    Caught this on Sunday, yes, two SP's! (Second one was a GECX SD45T-2)
  6. CP SD40M-2

    CP SD40M-2

    A repowered SD45 now a SD40M-2 works the yard in Calgary CP Alyth. Winter 2002.
  7. SP 8613

    SP 8613

    SP 8613 at North Little Rock in January 2003. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to