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  1. cpcnguy

    Rail link engine in CN consist at mac yard?

    Hey guys I was working at mac yard in toronto doing training and spotted a rail link engine coming in the inbound track. It was the trailing unit in the consist. I believe the unit was a RLK 4504? (or 4404?) It looked like a geep but had a sloped short nose. Sorry could not tell you where it...
  2. OUCH That going to leave  a mark

    OUCH That going to leave a mark

    Poor Rail link got a boo bado
  3. Working on the Fulton Sub - M.J. Scanlon

    Working on the Fulton Sub - M.J. Scanlon

    A railroader rides on the last car of the A43271 train on CN's Fulton Sub in Woodstock, Tennessee just north of Memphis. They are headed for the Fite Road crossing on the way to re-connect with the remainder of the train.

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