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  1. Eastbound for Wenatchee

    Eastbound for Wenatchee

    CREX 1308 and its train had been tied down on the Winton Siding.The relief crew is on board and it is on to Wenatchee for a crew change.
  2. Ski train

    Ski train

    UP E-9 910 leads an A-B-B-B-B lashup on a ski train returning from Sun Valley, ID. on 3/14/71. The train is descending the west slope of Cajon Pass on the Santa Fe south/1 track. Photo by Russell T. Sharp.
  3. Eastbound on the Gaynor Trestle

    Eastbound on the Gaynor Trestle

    BNSF 4813 leads
  4. Eastbound leaves Skykomish

    Eastbound leaves Skykomish

    After meeting Amtrak 7, an eastbound Z train departs Skykomish.
  5. Descending Stevens Pass at night...

    Descending Stevens Pass at night...

    Somewhere near Skykomish, WA on the return run of the Leavenworth Snow Train, from the dome of CZ dome car, "Silver Lariat."
  6. Empty grain at Scenic

    Empty grain at Scenic

    Saturday an eastbound empty grain leaves the siding at Scenic and heads for Cascade Tunnel. A WB stack train and track inspector are on the main.
  7. Sugar Bowl Xing '95

    Sugar Bowl Xing '95

    The view of Sugar Bowl x-ing in 1995. SP signal supervisors advised me at the time that these wig wags were high priority to be upgraded to modern flashers. Both were retired soon afterwards, and found their way to the front yards of SP signal maintainers' private residences.
  8. Searchlights at Monolith

    Searchlights at Monolith

    On March 10 this northbound BNSF mixed manifest lead by the BNSF 5479 (GE Dash 9-44CW) split the searchlights at Monolith, California. The once common searchlight signal is slowly being replaced by more modern configurations.
  9. Meet at Tehachapi

    Meet at Tehachapi

    A southbound UPS train meets a northbound train of auto racks with the BNSF 7429 (GE ES44DC) in the lead at Tehachapi, California on March 10. There is snow in the air at Tehachapi and high winds ahead near Mojave. It may be a long time before this crew gets it UPS trailers to Barstow.
  10. Up the Creek

    Up the Creek

    This UPS train, led by the BNSF 7396 (GE ES44DC), is coming into Marcel, California on March 10. This is the last leg up Tehachapi Creek before reaching the summit highlands.
  11. Snow Ahead

    Snow Ahead

    The BNSF 7612 (GE ES44DC) leads this domestic double stack through Tunnel 1 above Caliente, California. On this March 10 there are many signs of spring in the Tehachapis but the crew may be wondering if they need to deal with snow before they make in to Mojave.
  12. Climbing Through the Fog

    Climbing Through the Fog

    The crew in the cab of the BNSF 7396 (GE ES44DC) are settling into there slog up the hill to Tehachapi, California last March 10. In a few minutes the will enter Tunnel 2 followed by the long siding at Bealville.
  13. Climbing Through the Fog

    Climbing Through the Fog

    The crew in the cab of the BNSF 7396 (GE ES44DC) are settling into there slog up the hill to Tehachapi, California last March 10. In a few minutes the will enter Tunnel 2 followed by the long siding at Bealville.
  14. Coming Out of the Mountains

    Coming Out of the Mountains

    The crew on this northward BNSF mix manifest near Caliente, California are probably thinking about their plans after marking off in Bakersfield only 25 miles up the road. This March 9 morning there was snow in the mountains back toward Tehachapi but the sun is starting to shine this afternoon.
  15. Swallowed


    This southward BNSF mixed manifest coming into Caliente, California last March 9 is seemingly overwhelmed by the mountains. In another 26 miles it will be through the mountains and on its way to Barstow.
  16. Dropping Into Caliente

    Dropping Into Caliente

    Last March 9 the engineer on the BNSF 4754 (GE Dash 9-44CW) is focused on his speed as he keeps his long train under control during the last part of their decent from Tehachapi, California.
  17. Snaking Through Bealville

    Snaking Through Bealville

    Last March 9 this northbound double stack filled with J B Hunt containers pulled off a quick meet with a southbound UPS train at Bealville, California. The dispatcher is probably pleased the northbound only had to wait 10 minutes to clear the southbound.
  18. Snow?


    The crew on the BNSF 7251(GE ES44DC) have just left a rain shower behind in Caliente, California and are probably wondering if they face snow showers ahead. That is all they need on top of a 10 MPH slow order at Tunnel 9. Everyone gets cranky when UPS misses a sort due to a train delay.
  19. Lonely Pusher

    Lonely Pusher

    Over 50 years ago, when I was a young buff in Oregon, helpers were manned by an engineer and fireman. Last March 8 UP 8249 (GMD SD9043AC), pushing a UP mixed manifest toward Bakersfield, California, is controlled by a box.
  20. Thinking About Rest

    Thinking About Rest

    The engineer of this northward grainer has just used BNSF 5412 (GE Dash 9-44CW) and three other units to move 400,000 bushels of wheat through Ilmon, California and is running along Caliente Creek. He has put the Tehachapis behind and can start thinking about going on rest in Bakersfield 20... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to