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  1. Leaving Town

    Leaving Town

    Ohio Central's 3253 leads the Newark-Zanesville turn across State Street in Zanesville Ohio during a then-rare evening departure. Visitors to Zanesville these days can be treated to an evening departure most nights of the week as the train heads into the setting sun all the way to Newark.
  2. GLT Northbound

    GLT Northbound

    Former CSX Sd20 rebuild leads Ohio Central's Glouster Turn north of Zanesville Ohio on Thursday, June 29, 2006.
  3. Troy, Ohio Southbound CSX 7730 C40-8W

    Troy, Ohio Southbound CSX 7730 C40-8W

    Heading into Troy, Ohio about to crossing The Great Miami River.
  4. CSX 5251 Northbound out of Troy, Ohio

    CSX 5251 Northbound out of Troy, Ohio

    Rained all day poor lighting but lots of trains. Crossing the Great Miami River, note flooding
  5. CSX #5961 Northbound Troy Ohio

    CSX #5961 Northbound Troy Ohio

    Spent about a hour where CSX crosses Great Miami River out of Troy Ohio lots of train poor lighting but had a great time.
  6. Troy, Ohio CSX Northbound crossing Great Miami River

    Troy, Ohio CSX Northbound crossing Great Miami River

    Poor lighting but lots of trains had a great time even with all the rain.
  7. Posing nice and purty !!

    Posing nice and purty !!

    #6325 sitting nice and pretty waiting for her passengers during a shop tour at Ohio Central's shops during TrainFest 2004
  8. Ohio Central's #6325

    Ohio Central's #6325

    On return leg of excursion run during TrainFest 2004.
  9. W&LE Ohio bicentennial unit

    W&LE Ohio bicentennial unit

    WE #200 switching some tank cars.Cant ever get this thing in sunlight.>:
  10. Ohio Central 4023

    Ohio Central 4023

    Ohio Central SD40-2 #4023, SD40T-2 #4025, and SD40-2 #4024 depart the EJ&E\'s Joliet Yard west for Eola.
  11. exPC E8a, in Bellevue, Ohio

    exPC E8a, in Bellevue, Ohio

    exPC E8a, in Bellevue, Ohio
  12. GM&O Mobile, AL Station

    GM&O Mobile, AL Station

    The newly renovated Gulf, Mobile & Ohio station in downtown Mobile, AL now serves as residence to several small businesses. Unfortunatly, Hurricane Katrina flooded the ground floor with about four to five feet of water, but this will all be fixed up once again.
  13. OHCR 7137

    OHCR 7137

    Ohio Central 7137 leads Sd45 7499 and a northbound coal train through a sweeping curve north of Zanesville Ohio.
  14. Caboose in the fog.

    Caboose in the fog.

    An Ohio Central caboose sits in the mid-winter fog in the road's former CSX nee B&O Zanesville yard.
  15. Making the drop.

    Making the drop.

    Ohio Central's Zanesville local drops a pair of box cars at a box factory in Zanesville in February of 2005. When the cars are at the unloading doors at right, their roofs are level with the 'main line' at right.
  16. Fall in Fresno

    Fall in Fresno

    Fresno, OH, that is. Ohio Central 5408 is leading a special excurion south to Fresno to meet steam engines 1551 and 13, which would then doublehead the train north up Baltic Hill.
  17. Southbound in the rain

    Southbound in the rain

    A pair of Ohio Central locomotives trail an empty coal train as it rolls through down town Crooksville Ohio.
  18. IORY 4082

    IORY 4082

    Indiana & Ohio 4082 is switching at Hamler, Ohio. 4082 is ex-CP 5820.
  19. K185


    K185 Southbound at Deshler. Olympus C-5000Z
  20. Morgan Run Night

    Morgan Run Night

    At the Ohio Central Railfan weekend they posed #1293 and #6325 at the diamond near Morgan run shops for a night photo.

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