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  1. Stuguflten bridge

    Stuguflten bridge

  2. BM70 at Jong

    BM70 at Jong

  3. Meeting at Jong

    Meeting at Jong

  4. BM69 at Jong

    BM69 at Jong

  5. Stored


  6. Three bridges...

    Three bridges...

  7. The designer's signature

    The designer's signature

    His name is Meyer and is between the red and silver on the edge.
  8. Waiting for the signal

    Waiting for the signal

  9. A train pulls in...

    A train pulls in...

  10. Southbound


  11. The new paint job...

    The new paint job...

  12. This year's version...

    This year's version...

  13. BM73 x 2

    BM73 x 2

  14. BM72


  15. Just a tad up

    Just a tad up

  16. Hunting locomotives

    Hunting locomotives

  17. Hunting locomotives

    Hunting locomotives

  18. Preserved


  19. Waiting for repairs?

    Waiting for repairs?

  20. Yellow and blue

    Yellow and blue

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