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  1. Conrail in Denver

    Conrail in Denver

  2. E/B @ CSX diamond

    E/B @ CSX diamond

  3. PanAm 3-1-15

    PanAm 3-1-15

  4. West Coast Southern

    West Coast Southern

    Norfolk Southern far from home. Literally as far as you can go on Continental US Railroad trackage.
  5. Norfolk Southern SD70ACes

    Norfolk Southern SD70ACes

  6. Norfolk Southern C39-8s

    Norfolk Southern C39-8s

  7. SOU 5062 GP38-2

    SOU 5062 GP38-2

    Aside from a bit of rotating and cropping the pictures are just as the camera saw them, i.e. there's no sharpenning, brightness, contrast, color etc. work.
  8. Taking a warm up break watching signals on a cold morning as  NS 8066 passe

    Taking a warm up break watching signals on a cold morning as NS 8066 passe

    Taking a warm up break watching signals on a cold morning as NS8066 passes by
  9. Departing Elkhart

    Departing Elkhart

    An NS freight passes the Amtrak station at Elkhart, Indiana
  10. Jersey In Galena, IL

    Jersey In Galena, IL

    NS 1071 leading CN M337 westbound through the historic town in northwest Illinois.
  11. Local Working At 32nd Street

    Local Working At 32nd Street

    This local has just pulled a cut of cars past 32nd St. in Birmingham, AL for interchange with NS.
  12. 32nd Street Crossing

    32nd Street Crossing

    The 32nd Street grade crossing in Birmingham, AL.
  13. Color At Sloss

    Color At Sloss

    Loads of color leads this local train as it comes of the NS NA District onto the NS AGS past Sloss Furnace and 32nd Street in Birmingham, AL.
  14. High Hood Power By Historic Sloss

    High Hood Power By Historic Sloss

    A classic high hood NS motor leads this train past historic Sloss Furnace at 32nd Street in Birmingham, AL.
  15. NS In Downtown

    NS In Downtown

    A NS Train moves under the bridges in Birmingham, AL headed South.
  16. Crossing Over At Elyton

    Crossing Over At Elyton

    This north bound CSX Train is seen from the Richard Arrington Blvd. bridge in downtown Birmingham, AL crossing over the NS main line. The crossing is the originating spot for Elyton, later to be known as Birmingham, after iron ore was discovered on/in Red Mountain, just South of this photo's...
  17. A Multitude of Inbounds

    A Multitude of Inbounds

    An apparent power move is seen on this E. Norris Yard inbound train at Irondale, AL.
  18. One More South Bound

    One More South Bound

    A South bound NS train passes the Birmingham, AL Amtrak Station Platform.
  19. Made In The Shade at Birmingham, AL

    Made In The Shade at Birmingham, AL

    A North bound NS train passing a moving South bound directly in front of the Amtrak Station in Birmingham, AL. The structure seen behind the trains is the former Birmingham Railway, Light & Power Company generating plant.
  20. South At The Platform

    South At The Platform

    Both of the Amtrak Station Platforms in Birmingham, AL can be seen is this shot as this South bound NS train rolls by.

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