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  1. A

    Triple Crown Roadrailers 255 and 256 Two Triple Crown Roadrailers at once 255 and 256. 256 was by surprise and had a SD70 also leading. Check us out Facebook Advanced Approach Videos, LLC hit Subscribe on our channel to get updates on projects...
  2. A

    Norfolk Southern Business Cars on Roanoke RailCam

    I just looked at the Roanoke RailCam at 12:30pm EST and their business cars are sitting on the nearest track with what appears to be employees/families getting on or off. Over the past few days they had laid some gravel along the side of the track which I had no idea what it was for, but...
  3. brad_in_omaha

    Sunday 1/27/2013 - Ashland

    Sunday 1/27/2013 - Ashland My goal today was to head to Ashland and then chase the first northbound on the Sioux City Sub... However, there were zero northbounds after I got there so I stuck close to Ashland. I did make a run out to between Waverly and Greenwood. Normally I don't stick in...
  4. D

    Franklin, Ohio

    I live in Franklin, Ohio and from time to time we have a NS local her doing some switching. I was wondering if there is anyway to find when they are in my area so I can get some photos?
  5. brad_in_omaha

    Friday's Fun!

    Friday's Fun! 1. UP Council Bluffs Pool Yard 2. Same units, other side: 3. UP6784, solid grey hoppers all the same except for the first two cars. Check out the old IAIS in the background 4. Closer Shot of the UP6784 5. BNSF switching cars down on the south end of Council Bluffs...
  6. Eastern Railfan

    Hattiesburg, MS - 02/13/11

    I've been in Biloxi, MS for the past few days visiting a good friend of mine. Yesterday we decided to go up to Hattiesburg to poke around town and photograph anything and everything. While we were there I did catch a little Norfolk Southern action. I would have loved to have seen a Canadian...
  7. Eastern Railfan

    A Short Outing On Norfolk Southern's Blue Ridge District - 12/20/10

    While up in Virginia visiting my parents leading up to Christmas, I decided to make a quick trip out to check out the action on Norfolk Southern's nearby Blue Ridge District. I grew up by this district and spent many a day during my teen years watching the many trains that passed over it. My...
  8. njurgensen

    Pony sighting in Lincoln, NE

    Went to Lincoln this fine Halloween day to meet up with a friend. While waiting, I figured I'd see what traffic was coming through since the BNSF Omaha sub is nothing more than a disappointment to me. I hear them blasting their horns at the 90th Street crossing but by then it's too late for me...
  9. 3

    Explore Cabooses 1957-1963

    Hello :) Hope you have as much Fun exploring them as I did!! Four Cabooses - Illinois Central - Union Pacific - Norfolk Southern 30 Interactive Panoramas and 100 HDR Digital Photos+ Quicktime Version: Flash Version... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to