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  1. Northern Pacific #1382 (engineer's side2)

    Northern Pacific #1382 (engineer's side2)

    NP #1382 sits on display at Helena
  2. Northern Pacific #1382 (engineer's side)

    Northern Pacific #1382 (engineer's side)

    View of NP #1382 from the engineers side...
  3. Northern Pacific #1382 (front)

    Northern Pacific #1382 (front)

    A view of NP #1382 from the front
  4. Northern Pacific #1382 (fireman's side)

    Northern Pacific #1382 (fireman's side)

    restored Northern Pacific 2-6-0 #1382 sits on display in a park next to the Helena depot (which now houses the local MRL offices)
  5. Blossberg portal

    Blossberg portal

    The track can be seen curving before entering the 3,896.5' tunnel.
  6. Its all down hill from here

    Its all down hill from here

    The 3-unit helper set starts to head down the 1%grade towards Mullan Tunnel, which will steepen to 2.2% at the east end of the tunnel & continue down to Helena
  7. Around the curve

    Around the curve

    The 3-unit helper set moves around a curve towards Mullan tunnel
  8. Cresting the summit at Blossberg

    Cresting the summit at Blossberg

    An east-bound 3-unit helper set of MRL SD45's crests the continental divide at Blossberg.
  9. West Portal

    West Portal

    A view of the soot-blackened Mullan Pass tunnel's west portal at Blossberg. I waited and hoped a west-bound would come so I could witness the semi-famous "black fog of Blossberg" as it is called, but a non-stop parade of EB trains & only 1 day to do the whole Mullan Pass area kept...
  10. Blossberg


    A sign naming the railroad location of Blossberg can be see appox. 1200' west of the Mullan Pass tunnel portal.
  11. Power 3x

    Power 3x

    America's most dangerous and powerfull - volcano. Flower power - the power of Digitalis, heart medicine in the form of wild Foxglove. An interesting setting for more power, 8800 horses pulling over 8000 feet of train (MTACPAS). Now that's power.
  12. Headin' west at Paradise

    Headin' west at Paradise

    MRL 131 a chop nose GP9 leads a short manifest off the the MRL 10th Sub headed for the MRL 4th Sub as it continues its westward run.
  13. Takin' a Break

    Takin' a Break

    BNSF 4128 with its eastbound manifest provides a mirror image as it's all stopped due to MoW ahead just south of Tuscor,MT along Route 200. (This was previosly in Editors Choice,but when I corrected the town name it ended up in Editors Choice Submission,I don't want it there)
  14. Crossing the Clark Fork River

    Crossing the Clark Fork River

    BNSF 4128 leads its eastbound manifest off the MRL 4th Sub onto the MRL 10th Sub across the Clark Fork River at Paradise,MT to continue its eastward run.
  15. Sounder #1505 approaching Tacoma - March 2008 Photo Assignment

    Sounder #1505 approaching Tacoma - March 2008 Photo Assignment

    On Tuesday, March 4th, my employer sent me down to the Tacoma, Washington area to take photos for marketing purposes, which provided me with my first opportunity to photograph typical Sounder commuter rail operations. As sunset neared, the clouds which had been lingering around the area all...
  16. DPU Reflections on a Rail

    DPU Reflections on a Rail

    Grain train waiting for a yard crew to put it away at TEMCO. Tied down at Ruston / Tacoma WA.
  17. Turntable at Anaconda

    Turntable at Anaconda

    One of the very few turntables left in operation in the US is pictured here in Anaconda, Mt where the Rarus Railway uses it to turn locomotives & cars coming out of their roundhouse onto the right track.
  18. #25's tender

    #25's tender

    A pic. from the back of #25's tender. Its tender looks like its actually in fairly good condition (unlike the roof of the cab, where the paint is pealing off)
  19. High-nosed GP9 #105

    High-nosed GP9 #105

    RARW high-nosed GP9 #105 sitting at Anaconda. Sorry about the fence issue.
  20. Northern Pacific 2-8-0 #25

    Northern Pacific 2-8-0 #25

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