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  1. UP 8050 SD9043MAC

    UP 8050 SD9043MAC

  2. UPY 1300

    UPY 1300

    Kenton Local - Columbia Business Park - 6/25/2008
  3. Rebuilding an MP15

    Rebuilding an MP15

    ex. Kennacott Copper MP15 #120 gets a new lease on life and will soon be working for Canadian Pacific
  4. In the shadow of downtown

    In the shadow of downtown

    A solitary switcher works just outside of downtown Houston on a stormy March afternoon.
  5. Moonset, May 5, 2004, Houston

    Moonset, May 5, 2004, Houston

    The local uses a pair of MP15 on a bright and clear Houston morning at Tower 26.
  6. Give her a spit shine!

    Give her a spit shine!

    Caltrain MP15 #504 gets a bath at the San Jose, CA shop in September 2003.
  7. SP MP15 as Art

    SP MP15 as Art

    treatment of an SP switcher via Paintshop Pro. Chrome filter, reduced colors, etc. From digital original. Houston, Tx is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to