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  1. HLCX #9010 in Wishram, Washington yard.

    HLCX #9010 in Wishram, Washington yard.

    HLCX #9010 rests as the second unit on the M-PASLYD-1-09 (Manifest - Pasco, Wa to Lake Yard, Ore.). Rather unusual to see a HLCX SD45 carbody.
  2. HLCX & UP @ Coast Engine and Equipment Co. (CEECO)

    HLCX & UP @ Coast Engine and Equipment Co. (CEECO)

    Here is HLCX #3839 along with the UP #5261 sitting at CEECO along with the Milwaukee Road E unit sitting on the south side of the property.. #3839 looks like it was just painted and emerged from the paint booth that very same day..
  3. EMD leasing fleet SD60's

    EMD leasing fleet SD60's

    A pair of SD60's from EMD's leasing fleet sit near the yard office/dispatching tower (which I got a tour of while I was there) at MRL's Laurel yard.
  4. LLPX 2269

    LLPX 2269

    An ex-EMD Leasing GP38-2 of IC GP40 heritage, sandwitched between two HATX SD45-2's, part of a 5 unit lash-up.
  5. HELM Leasing 6000

    HELM Leasing 6000

    Seen in Willard, Ohio. Posted w/permission
  6. SP 4864

    SP 4864

    Taken in Webster TX. It was there for quite awhile, looked like it was just being used to switch cars to a siding. Before I got a chance to get more pics, it disapeared.

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