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  1. Rock Train on the Farm Sub Wye

    Rock Train on the Farm Sub Wye

    UP's RIVUP prepares to head west on the Farm Sub and eventually tie down at Bain.
  2. Metra on the Wye

    Metra on the Wye

    Every day two Metra consists pull off the mainline, briefly head west on the Farm Sub, and park on a siding track after they've finished their runs.
  3. UPY 549 on the Rock Train

    UPY 549 on the Rock Train

    For some reason, UP sometimes sticks a "third engine" onto the usual GP60 duo. This time it was my favorite engine (well, in CNW days...)
  4. MPRIT by the BURST

    MPRIT by the BURST

    A bit backlit, but I liked the shot anyway. This is UP's train MPRIT headed north past the end of the Burlington Road Storage Track (BURST) which holds coal cars before they head into the power plant.
  5. UP 1950 Westbound

    UP 1950 Westbound

    A couple of weeks before welded rail is to be put in, the rock train heads west into the setting sun.
  6. Stormy skies at Bain

    Stormy skies at Bain

    Waiting for a new crew, the rock train power sits on the wye at Bain. Those creepy clouds never even formed a storm!
  7. Before WP paint...

    Before WP paint...

    On its way to the WSOR'S Horicon paint shop, the primer UP 8383 leads UP'S MPRIT. Two months later, it came out wearing Western Pacific paint.
  8. UP 1216 Leading Rock Train

    UP 1216 Leading Rock Train

    The UP Rock Train (RIVUP/RPPPP) heads down the main from the Bain depot, preparing to head onto the Farm Sub
  9. UP 9046

    UP 9046

    Train MITPR- same train as the TFM 1404 picture later in this album
  10. SP 2678

    SP 2678

    Caught this on Sunday, yes, two SP's! (Second one was a GECX SD45T-2)
  11. Kenosha Trolley - October 15, 2003

    Kenosha Trolley - October 15, 2003

    Westbound along 54th Street at 5th Ave., #4616 stops to discharge passengers on a beautiful fall afternoon in southeast Wisconsin.
  12. Kenosha Trolley

    Kenosha Trolley

    Kenosha trolley old Toronto rebuilds on 2 mile loop downtown Kenosha Wisconsin is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to