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  1. R

    PNWR Gravel cars

    Can anyone tell me what kind of cars the PNWR uses for hauling gravel for Knife River? Does anyone have any photos you would be willing to share? I am having problems finding this information.
  2. njurgensen

    Question on coal hoppers...

    I see hoppers like these come through on the BNSF very frequently where instead of having the marking for the plant they belong to (like "OMAX"), they just have the "BNSF". Are these just general hoppers that the company rents out so to say? Another question: how come you don't see these on...
  3. CSX Rock Hoppers

    CSX Rock Hoppers

    Brand new cars head NB on a CSX train.
  4. Mixed freight

    Mixed freight

    A string of mixed freight cars including some boxcars & grain hoppers near Garrison
  5. Garrison Grain

    Garrison Grain

    A string of MRL grain hoppers near Garrison, Mt
  6. CN 840

    CN 840

    2:20pm CN 840, 83 hoppers CN 5773-BCOL 752 He's waiting for a yellow @ Riverview, to follow 346, with 347 + MP188 yard switcher waiting to head West. Normally I'm not too exited about unit grain trains, as long as they're not hauling junk up front. But add a BCOL SD40-2 and it makes all...
  7. CTRW work train?

    CTRW work train?

    Where in Canada can one find an ex-CN SLQ M420(W) with a mix of ex-CP & ex-CN ballast cars? HBR in North Manitoba and CTRW in North Saskatchewan naturally. Not sure how this train got to Montreal, must have taken a wrong turn somewhere LOL. Just love such museum scenes - as good as seing the...
  8. ADM Railway

    ADM Railway

    Although there's no such thing, one might think otherwise after visiting CN's mainline. A cut of 13 ADM ACF hoppers on a manifest. Maybe they're coming out of dead storage...
  9. CP Heavy Haul

    CP Heavy Haul

    CP 3716-G2 is pulling two 456/457 series CP ballast hoppers 300 feet, where ballasting a new set of tracks is needed. Oddly I never noticed a coupler on the back of a hi-rail before... Note the old decal on the door, CP is still promoting their SD40-2 action red fleet today - to NREX and other...
  10. Front of the GrainTrain

    Front of the GrainTrain

    A pic. of the last locomotive & the 1st grain hopper on the BNSF grain train passing through MRL's Laurel Yard.
  11. Grain in Laurel

    Grain in Laurel

    Another pic. of the BNSF grain train passing through MRL's Laurel yard
  12. The Endless Grain Train...

    The Endless Grain Train...

    What seems like an endless grain train passes through MRL's Laurel Yard
  13. Coal through Billings

    Coal through Billings

    A loaded coal train, lead by 2 SD40-2XR's, rolls westward past the Quality Inn in Billings, Mt.
  14. More Conrad Grain

    More Conrad Grain

    another view of the grain sitting near conrad.
  15. Grain at Conrad

    Grain at Conrad

    a string of grain cars sit at the elevators just outside of Conrad.
  16. Some cars sitting at Great Falls

    Some cars sitting at Great Falls

    A tank car & several MRL hoppers sit on the outskirts of Great Falls, Mt
  17. Grain cars at the siding

    Grain cars at the siding

    A picture of the first couple of grain cars on the east boud grain train at the siding.
  18. More grain!

    More grain!

    Another pic of the same train from the same spot.
  19. Covered Hopper - M.J. Scanlon

    Covered Hopper - M.J. Scanlon

    Covered hoppers, including a few still sporting the DRGW logo, are on a side track at the Riceland Foods Plant in Stuttgart, Arkansas.
  20. Genesee & Wyoming railroad salt hopper

    Genesee & Wyoming railroad salt hopper

    Genesee & Wyoming railroad salt hoppers. Rochester, NY. these salt hoppers are filled with rock salt at the salt mine in Mount Morris, NY. the largest (and perhaps only?) customer of the tiny Genesee & Wyoming. Scot Lawrence

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