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  1. shay2305

    OCSR Coastal Excursion

    The weather was nice today on the Oregon Coast. Unfortunaly most of our riders were in Portland enjoying the "Rose Festival". I pulled the video recorder out and recorded the noon departure of the train. Enjoy. aSNZQtfy9j8
  2. Hard-working Heisler

    Hard-working Heisler

    Roaring Camp & Big Trees Heisler #2, the Tuolumne, smokes it up as it returns to Felton having just descended Bear Mountain.
  3. Dixiana & Tuolumne

    Dixiana & Tuolumne

    During the busy summer months the Roaring Camp & Big Trees railroad often operates two steam trains. Here, RC&BT Shay #1, the Dixiana, pulls in off Bear Mountain with a trainload of riders, while Heisler #2, the Tuolume, waits in the wings for the next departure.
  4. 91 In the Sun

    91 In the Sun

    Heisler #91, getting steamed up.

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