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  1. GP38 #2140

    GP38 #2140

    BNSF GP38 #2140 switches some tank cars around while in Remote Control switcher duty at Great Falls on October 22, 2004.
  2. CSXT'S Chattanooga Sub

    CSXT'S Chattanooga Sub

    CSXT ( Former Chessie System/ C&O ) GP38 2069 & 2 more CSXT Geeps are sitting at Murfreesboro, Tn. awaiting their next assignment
  3. Departing


  4. 8th Notch

    8th Notch

    NECR #324 is in 8th notch trying to keep track speed (45MPH).
  5. B&O 3819

    B&O 3819

    B&O GP38 3819 sit idle in the Pit Yard at Hamilton.
  6. Victoria yard job

    Victoria yard job

    ENR GP38's 3809 and 3870 are seen here working the Victoria yard last summer. They brought 6148 back from Chemainus where it was stored after hitting a gravel truck in Ladysmith. They shoved the 6148 into the shops and headed north back to Nanaimo. Check out the Canadian Crossbuck.
  7. Workin' the Victoria yard

    Workin' the Victoria yard

    ENR 3870 is seen here switching the Victoria Yard. They were dropping off RDC 6148 after it hit the gravel truck in Ladysmith.
  8. Cab and truck detail ENR3870

    Cab and truck detail ENR3870

    ENR 3870 in the Langford siding in Victoria with the Stationhouse Pub and Railside Grill in the background.
  9. Out of the weeds

    Out of the weeds

    ENR 3870 on the Nanaimo switcher heading down the Wellcox spur from the Wellcox yard to the mainline at Stocketts at a whopping 10 MPH.
  10. ENR 3870 in your face

    ENR 3870 in your face

    Sitting in the Victoria yard after bringing RDC's 6133 and 6148 down from Nanaimo. Brings back memories of regular freight service to Victoria.
  11. Screamin' 38's

    Screamin' 38's

    The sound these two units make when climbing this curve on a 3% grade with loads from the barge is quite a spectacle. Screaming up hill in run 8 at 5 MPH is quite a sight. Even with the idler flats, they're in run 4.
  12. Nanaimo Uptown Switcher

    Nanaimo Uptown Switcher

    ENR 3870 on the Uptown Switcher sits on the Superior Propane spur in Nanaimo.
  13. 3809 detail shot

    3809 detail shot

    Detail shot of the lettering on the side of the cab on E&N Railway 3809
  14. On the road again...

    On the road again...

    After returning from Wendy's the crew headed north out of Wellcox. I beat them to Superior Propane. I just had time to find a place to park and grab my camera before they showed up.
  15. Lunch time

    Lunch time

    Parksville Turn(and every other freight train on the E&N for that matter) power idles away in the Wellcox yard while the crew grabs some lunch.
  16. Lights and a horn

    Lights and a horn

    Close up of the cab of ENR 3870 with that Nathan K3LA horn.
  17. Gary IN CSS&SB 3 of 3

    Gary IN CSS&SB 3 of 3

    South Shore depot in Gary IN
  18. Gary IN CSS&SB 1 of 3

    Gary IN CSS&SB 1 of 3

    South Shore depot in Gary IN
  19. Yard Geep GP38-2

    Yard Geep GP38-2

    A single GP38 works a string of tankcars in Houston's Englewood Yd
  20. BN 2076 West

    BN 2076 West

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