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  1. NREX 2009

    NREX 2009

    My first Green Goat - NREX 2009, 3GS21B, trailing CN 2549-5534 on 346. It's twin brother, NREX 2011 is the only Green Goat to have demonstrated on CN so far (Dec 06 CRO). Perhaps this unit is joining them? Either way, better then a GT GP38 I though I was seing again.
  2. Clean Goat

    Clean Goat

    A pair of brand new UP GG20GE Green Goats and a radio control "sled" roll down the Santa Ana Branch in Anaheim with the Marlboro Local. UP purchased a number of Green Goats for local switching jobs in Southern California. Unfortunately, the locomotives have proved to be plagued with...
  3. Goats in the Street

    Goats in the Street

    Two brand new UP Green Goats take one of their first trips down Olive St. with the Marlboro Local.
  4. Green Goat In Tow

    Green Goat In Tow

    CSXT 8245, a remote control unit, has the Green Goat and a covered hopper in tow as it makes its way through Nashville's Radnor Yard
  5. Interior shot of Windy Pt Tunnel

    Interior shot of Windy Pt Tunnel

    Interior shot of the Windy Pt Tunnel looking to the east from the west portal. You can see the old grade on the right. This tunnel was built in 1913 and enlarged the following year for double tracks but was never used as such. It was abandoned in 1929 and is now apart of the Iron Goat Trail...
  6. Inside the Original Cascade Tunnel

    Inside the Original Cascade Tunnel

    Inside shot of the Original Cascade Tunnel located on Stevens Pass, Wa. This tunnel built in 1900 by the Great Northern Railway is now apart of the Iron Goat Trail and at 2.6 miles long, it is the longest tunnel on a hiking trail system in the US.
  7. Goat Canyon Trestle

    Goat Canyon Trestle

    Goat Canyon trestle (bridge MP 102.29) as seen from the north, front side

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