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    Enjoy Flagstaff while you still can

    Well its official sadly! They said Mar 1 was when the quiet zone was gonna go in effect): Better go get as much horn while you still can. :(
  2. Flagstaff BNSF Office

    Flagstaff BNSF Office

    This former great looking red sandstone freight depot in Flagstaff, AZ, is now being used for office space by the BNSF.
  3. Flagstaff AMTRAK Station

    Flagstaff AMTRAK Station

    West side view of the Flagstaff Visitor's Center and AMTRAK station.
  4. Flagstaff AMTRAK Station

    Flagstaff AMTRAK Station

    Trackside (southern) view of the Flagstaff Visitor's Center and AMTRAK station.
  5. Yikes!


    This young lady decided it was very important for her to cross the tracks AFTER the crossing guard went down. Fortunately, she made it. I noticed several other people do the same thing during the hour and a half I was in Flagstaff. The train was BNSF 8026, see my other photo of it at...
  6. BNSF 8026

    BNSF 8026

    BNSF 8026 SD40-2 passes the AMTRAK station in Flagstaff, AZ headed westbound on a cool March afternoon.
  7. BNSF 7687

    BNSF 7687

    BNSF 7687 ES44AC headed westbound a few miles east of Flagstaff, AZ on a cool March afternoon. A special thanks to the crew for a friendly wave and a toot of the horn. :)
  8. A little ticked off

    A little ticked off

    An EB gets rolling again after getting stopped by the Flagstaff switcher. You can't beat Flagstaff for scenery, trains and temps- a mild 75 in June.
  9. BNSF behind a 5'' flower...

    BNSF behind a 5'' flower...

  10. BNSF at Maine

    BNSF at Maine

    Eastbound stacks roll through the sag at Maine, Arizona.
  11. Westbound near Flagstaff

    Westbound near Flagstaff

    Westbound freight approaching Cosnino Road near Flagstaff, Az on Oct 24, 2004
  12. BNSF 4345 West

    BNSF 4345 West

    Photo was taken in December of 2002, despite the fact it was only taken with a 2Mega pixle camera, it's still one of my very best shots to this day.
  13. Pulling into Flagstaff

    Pulling into Flagstaff

    Amtrak's Southwest Chief arrives Flagstaff, Ariz., Nov. 2000, just west of the Amtrak station.

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