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  1. Northern Maine Junction

    Northern Maine Junction

    BAR GP9 77 and F3 49 are resplendent after repainting into the new tr-color scheme.
  2. CB&Q F3 116D, Clyde IL, March 26, 1966, photo by Chuck Zeiler

    CB&Q F3 116D, Clyde IL, March 26, 1966, photo by Chuck Zeiler

    Chicago Burlington and Quincy F3 116D, built October 1947 (c/n 4405), seen here inside the Clyde Diesel House, Clyde Illinois, March 26, 1966, photo by Chuck Zeiler. This locomotive was traded as credit for a U28B in December 1966. It was most likely scrapped, but I do not know where. There...
  3. GM&O 883A

    GM&O 883A

    GM&O F3 883A waits at Chicago Union Station with the usual 3 car train. After the commuters load up, it will depart for points South to Joliet. This route is now the Metra Heritage Corridor. Note the French turbo train on the adjacent track. I rode both and personally preferred the old...
  4. CN 9171 (1948 F3Au)

    CN 9171 (1948 F3Au)

    An old F3 is picking up a tanker at a back of an industry. Dreaming? Yes. However this ex-GTW F3 was only retired in 1994, although I doubt that CN actually used it for so long. Then again it does have the "modern" yellow safety stripe!
  5. The Plug

    The Plug

    Joliet commuter train departing Chicago for Joliet May 22, 1978.

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