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  1. VIRX 7059

    VIRX 7059

    This unit started its life as a GP9 in 1955, originally CN 2021, re-numbered 4472 in 1956, then re-build to GP9RM in 1992, becoming CN 7059. This year after 57 years on CN he was retired and sold to VIRX. Unless he's going to a shortline, chances are that this is the last time he's seeing CN...
  2. Road trip

    Road trip

    CBNS leases most of their MOW equipment from MRM - Maritime Rail Maintenance. Their equipment in turn is mostly ex-CN's, not surprisingly leased to shortlines running on ex-CN/CP trackage, interchanging with CN. Did I mention CN? This broom is moving onto the next shortline via truck. CN and...
  3. hi-rail "ramp"

    hi-rail "ramp"

    Hi-rail machinery, including tractors and 6axle trucks use this fictional crossing (there's nothing on the other side) to get onto the rails from the road.
  4. BNSF Ex-CN SD40-2 7322 at Ransom

    BNSF Ex-CN SD40-2 7322 at Ransom

    BNSF Ex-CN SD40-2 7322 heads west through Ransom, passing the silos.
  5. CBNS snow plough

    CBNS snow plough

    An ex-CN snow plough of 1929 vintage. He has a flatcar coupled with him for some reason... It is stored in the yard most of the time.
  6. BNSF Ex-CN SD40-2 7322 at Ransom

    BNSF Ex-CN SD40-2 7322 at Ransom

    BNSF 7322, an ex-CN SD40-2, heads west through Ransom accompanied by an NS Horsehead Dash 9.
  7. CBNS 2000

    CBNS 2000

    A typical neglected CN caboose, bought from a junk yard. All it has is a small patch that says CBNS 2000... Wonder when its going to get painted?
  8. CN flanger (1940)

    CN flanger (1940)

    Now owned by the CBNS shortline, this old flanger is waiting for snow all year long. Note the CBNS patch.
  9. Caboose in the rough

    Caboose in the rough

    Bought by CBNS shortline from a scrap yard in 1997, this old rusty car is part of its 3 caboose fleet (all ex-CN). The other two have been painted, and look much more better though. Caught in their main yard coupled next to a flanger and a platform, all ex-CN as well.
  10. CBNS hi-rail

    CBNS hi-rail

    First day railfanning new territtory and all I saw was a hi-rail... Parked by the MOW shed. All ex-CN. Note the bridge in the background.
  11. CEMR local

    CEMR local

    Curently CEMR owns 7 ex-CN GP9RM's and 3 ex-CP SW1200 series locos (or something close), yet all they send my way in CEMR 4001 & 4002, the GP9RM's I've been catching since 2003. Oh well, they do look good though.
  12. GWWD caboose

    GWWD caboose

  13. ANY 4009

    ANY 4009

    Athabasca Northern 4009, ex-CN GP9RM being foreign power on CEMR (another shortline), who operates more ex-CN GP9RM's - all on the CN mainline. Both shortlines are owned by CANDO, the locomotive was sandwitched in a triple GP9RM lash-up.
  14. Pine Falls

    Pine Falls

    Pine Falls is a small town about 100km north of Winnipeg. They have a paper plant, which operates an ex-CN 1951 SW8, #7158. The plant is served by a local shortline CEMR, the tracks are ex-CN.
  15. GCFX trio

    GCFX trio

    Today when GE ES44DCs have taken over CN, while SD40-2s & SD50Fs are being retired in droves, its hard to believe that earlier this year CN was still leasing 50 Alstom SD40-3s, all ex-CN SD40s. Power policy sure changed quickly! Back in 2004 I managed to catch three trio sets working the...

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