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  1. The Golden Hour in Northern California

    The Golden Hour in Northern California

    An Amtrak California Capitol Corridor train brings commuters back from the greater Sacramento Area to the Bay Area in the early evening. Taken on December 11, 2017
  2. The Afternoon Rush

    The Afternoon Rush

    An Amtrak California commute train moves swiftly through Benicia, CA at a spot known as Bahia on the Union Pacific Martinez Subdivision.
  3. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    Built 45 years earlier by EMD for Great Northern to work out of Klamath Falls on the Oregon, California & Eastern, BNSF 6126 (ex-GN 599) works home turf in Klamath Falls.  
  4. Up the tail track

    Up the tail track

    A McCloud Railway "Hill Job" is advancing up the tail track at the Signal Butte switchback. Once the caboose clears the turnout, the train will reverse direction and begin backing toward Mount Shasta City.
  5. SOO 4444

    SOO 4444

    The Muskego Yard job pulls up to the 6th Street Viaduct in Milwaukee, WI as it assembles an outbound train.
  6. Rising UP

    Rising UP

    UP 8604 leads its train out of the sag east of Creston, IL.
  7. H23 Lancaster Junction

    H23 Lancaster Junction

    H23 with 5657 and 5655 doing a Push Pull Operation heading through Lancaster Junction
  8. H23 Local

    H23 Local

    H23 with 5655 at the end of the train while 5657 is up front in control
  9. H23 Local

    H23 Local

    H23 heading back to Lancaster City passing through East Petersburg
  10. H23 Local

    H23 Local

    H23 Lititz Local passing by the Railroad station in Manhiem PA doing a Push Pull Operation with EMD GP38-2 5657 EMD GP38-2 5655
  11. bpetit

    UP GP30 for Train Simulator

  12. Ski train

    Ski train

    UP E-9 910 leads an A-B-B-B-B lashup on a ski train returning from Sun Valley, ID. on 3/14/71. The train is descending the west slope of Cajon Pass on the Santa Fe south/1 track. Photo by Russell T. Sharp.
  13. Palindrome


    The UP Marsh Job switches the West Allis Spur and in the process made their train into a palindrome.
  14. Head of the Class

    Head of the Class

    CN 8000 is the class locomotive of the SD70M-2s ordered as it is the first locomotive of its type numerically on the roster.
  15. WC 3027

    WC 3027

    10 years since it was painted the flags on the sides of the 3027 are looking faded as the crew of the Burlington local is waiting to back down the Burlington Spur.
  16. Spot of Color in the Dull Haze

    Spot of Color in the Dull Haze

    CSXT 987, NS 1043, and NS 1067 the Reading Heritage unit wait to meet two west bound trains south of Rochelle on a hazy August afternoon.
  17. Metallic Tunnel

    Metallic Tunnel

    IORY 5012 crosses the Indian Creek bridge On the former NYC mainline between Cincinnati and Indianapolis.
  18. F

    Dofasco bogies for EMD

    Greetings Dear friends may I ask about the type of the attached Dofasco bogie which is used by EMD in G8 , G12 , G22 and where I can get detail drawings (plan , side view ) of it ?? best regards feerofox
  19. EMDX 9501 SD60ACe

    EMDX 9501 SD60ACe

    A fence shot of EMDX 9501 on the backlot of EMD LaGrange.
  20. Suburban Forest

    Suburban Forest

    IC 1021 runs through a sweeping left-hand curve surrounded by trees still covered in snow from the blizzard two days earlier. You wouldn't know that I am standing in the middle of Slinger, WI surrounded by businesses.

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