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  1. May I Take Your Order

    May I Take Your Order

    Flooding in the Reeseville marsh covering both main tracks forces CP to run trains from Chicago to Janesville, WI on the Union Pacific Harvard Sub. From Janesville to Madison, WI where they get back on home rails the detour trains utilize the trackage of the WSOR. UP's automatic train stop...
  2. brad_in_omaha

    BNSF Detours on Iowa Interstate Railroad

    From the Iowa Interstate Yahoo Group. ---------- Forwarded Message from IAIS Group -------- BNSF is detouring at least 2 loaded coal trains and possibly a third from Council Bluffs to Colona. The first one departed Council Bluffs at 0600 and the second is estimated for around 10 this...
  3. 5463's consist, going away

    5463's consist, going away

    Here we see all four locomotives on UP 5463's train from a rock outcropping at the South siding switch at Cascan, OR. The consist includes C45ACCTE 5463, flared SD70M 3890, C44-9W 9783, and SD60 2184.
  4. UP 2184

    UP 2184

    Union Pacific SD60 #2184 showed up in Bend on a detouring UP Manifest as the fouth unit on the train led by the UP C45ACCTE 5463.
  5. UP 4133

    UP 4133

    This was trialing the UP 1996 that day.
  6. UP 8595

    UP 8595

    I don't know where this unit was in the first few months of its life, but five months after being built it found its way into Bend with a bit of extra paint on it.
  7. UP SD70ACe 1996 in Bend

    UP SD70ACe 1996 in Bend

    Durring the 2008 UP detours on the BNSF Oregon Trunk, the UP 1996 made several visits to Bend. Being one of six Heritage units, and not even on a UP line, it was a treat to us railfans in Bend.
  8. Amtrak #14 in Caliente

    Amtrak #14 in Caliente

    Amtrak 141 leads a detouring Northbound Coast Starlight through Caliente on its way over Tehachapi Pass.
  9. UP 5463

    UP 5463

    UP 5463 waits for the conducter to return after he threw the switch to let the train out of the siding at Cascan.
  10. UP 5463 in Bend, OR

    UP 5463 in Bend, OR

    A UP C45ACCTE (ES44AC) leads a detouring train out of Cascan in Bend, OR on the BNSF Oregon Trunk. The train was detouring due to the massive landslide on UP's Cascade Crossing at Frazier.
  11. This train makes no stops

    This train makes no stops

    CP8635, GCFX3066, and CP8773 curl around the Libertyville Metra station pulling Flood Detour train #284 over the Fox Lake sub. This train started in Madison the night before and detoured over the WSOR through Janesville. In a couple of miles they will reach Rondout, where a fresh crew awaits...
  12. UP Detour

    UP Detour

    UP 5280 South stops at Bend, OR, for a quick crew change. This is a detouring train caused by the Jan. 19 landslide at Frazier on UP's Cascade Sub. While the UP has trackage rights over the BNSF's Oregon Trunk subdivision south of Bend, they haven't used them in almost two(?) years. This is...
  13. Dogcatching the Detour

    Dogcatching the Detour

    A relief crew for Amtrak's northbound Coast Starlight prepares to board the train at Bieber, California in September 1989. The train was detouring on UP and BN due to an SP derailment near Redding.
  14. Cool your heels Number 8

    Cool your heels Number 8

    #8 awaits their Metra Pilot
  15. 20 More Cars #8

    20 More Cars #8

    Amtrak #8 backs off the Canadian Pacific and on to the Canadian National at Duplainville, WI
  16. CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    Bay Line ( Former GTW ) GP40 6416 is sitting on the detour track at CSXT'S Boyles Terminal Hump
  17. Detour On the Fallbridge Sub

    Detour On the Fallbridge Sub

    CEFX 116 leads a CP empty grainer at Maryhill
  18. UP Detour

    UP Detour

    UP detouring on trackage rights on BNSF Oregon trunk. Nears home tracks at Moody, OR exiting Deschutes Rivere canyon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to