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    CSX Restructuring

    CSX is undergoing restructuring to make itself more efficient, including closing some unproductive rail yards. Hoping someone could share a list of rail yards that are tagged by CSX for closing. Thanks in advance....
  2. UP 8121 SD90MAC

    UP 8121 SD90MAC

  3. AC44CW variety

    AC44CW variety

  4. Toledo grain

    Toledo grain

  5. CSX 5960 B40-8

    CSX 5960 B40-8

  6. Fostoria AC44CWs

    Fostoria AC44CWs

  7. BNSF in Canada

    BNSF in Canada

  8. CP Power at Warwick

    CP Power at Warwick

    A CSX freight led by CP power heads East at Warwick, Ohio
  9. M

    CSX B749 from across the Harlem River

    03/04/14 At Sherman Creek Park on a crisp sunny afternoon, I heard CSX B749 coming down Metro North's Hudson Line at University Heights from across the Harlem River. It was led by two GP38-2's and pulling 7 Box Cars. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMo6URgPsEs
  10. Coal Crossing at 27th Street Interlock

    Coal Crossing at 27th Street Interlock

    A loaded CSX coal train moves South over the 27th Street Interlock in Birmingham, AL. The tracks that this train is crossing are NS tracks that head North (behind the photographer) to Sheffield, AL. These NS tracks join just out of the photo to the left (East) with the NS AGS tracks seen in the...
  11. Crossing Over At Elyton

    Crossing Over At Elyton

    This north bound CSX Train is seen from the Richard Arrington Blvd. bridge in downtown Birmingham, AL crossing over the NS main line. The crossing is the originating spot for Elyton, later to be known as Birmingham, after iron ore was discovered on/in Red Mountain, just South of this photo's...
  12. One More South Bound

    One More South Bound

    A South bound NS train passes the Birmingham, AL Amtrak Station Platform.
  13. Made In The Shade at Birmingham, AL

    Made In The Shade at Birmingham, AL

    A North bound NS train passing a moving South bound directly in front of the Amtrak Station in Birmingham, AL. The structure seen behind the trains is the former Birmingham Railway, Light & Power Company generating plant.
  14. South At The Platform

    South At The Platform

    Both of the Amtrak Station Platforms in Birmingham, AL can be seen is this shot as this South bound NS train rolls by.
  15. More Color Than My Brain Can Handle

    More Color Than My Brain Can Handle

    It's always a great day when you can catch one (two) of KCS's Southern Belle painted locomotives! But catch one on a beautiful, blue sky filled day like today, and it's almost mind blowing! This Southbound train on NS tracks makes its way past Birmingham's Amtrak Station.
  16. Birds Take Flight

    Birds Take Flight

    A very common sight in downtown Birmingham, the pigeons take flight as any train moves through town. They seek out grain cars with spillage on top, so the bounty pretty much never ends.
  17. CSX In Birmingham

    CSX In Birmingham

    A North bound CSX train approaches the Amtrak Station in Birmingham, AL as is moves under the signal bridge. Notice the NS trains headlights in the distance stopped waiting for the CSX train to crossover.
  18. A Homeless Mans Dream

    A Homeless Mans Dream

    This brick structure, seen as the far South (West) end of the Amtrak Station platform in Birmingham, AL, is now obviously being used by the homeless.
  19. Out Of The Ordinary

    Out Of The Ordinary

    Here's something you don't see every day. This between the gauge switch is seen at the far South (West) end of the Amtrak Station platform in Birmingham, AL.
  20. Cleanup On Isle 4

    Cleanup On Isle 4

    A recent view of the South (West) end of the Amtrak Station platform in Birmingham shows some major cleanup is needed after a bunch of tracks have been pulled up.

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