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  1. brad_in_omaha

    Past Couple Weekends

    Its been way too long since I have posted any photos, but I actually made it out to the tracks with my camera 3 times since Thanksgiving! First off Black Friday: 1. BNSF Bayard Train in the foreground, IAIS CBBI in the background. BNSF has just returned and waiting a crew to take it back to...
  2. brad_in_omaha

    Up1988 up7400 11/3/2012

    UP1988 UP7400 11/3/2012 Council Bluffs, IA 1. 2. 3.
  3. brad_in_omaha

    844 Comes to Omaha/Council Bluffs

    UP 844 North to Omaha/CB - STPCB-08 1. South of Offutt AFB on Fairview. 2. South of Offutt AFB 3. South leg of the Wimmer Wye 4. South leg of the Wimmer Wye 5. South leg of the Wimmer Wye 6. South leg of the Wimmer Wye 7. Vinton Street 8. Vinton...
  4. brad_in_omaha

    69 Degrees in January!!!!

    I went to Council Bluffs to shoot some Omaha Skyline, and got a few trains on the way. I didn't sit around so I missed a lot of trains! With the Blair Sub close, Omaha was busy. 1. GTW 5858 in the UP Pool Yard. 2. Old Rock Island car in the CN yard Then I knocked out a few...
  5. brad_in_omaha

    -Railfans of Omaha & Council Bluffs-

    I have Created a new -Railfans of Omaha & Council Bluffs- Yahoo Group. There is currently an "Omaha Group" but lately is has turned in to politics and off topic BS. This new group is not ment to be a replacement to...
  6. brad_in_omaha

    Only one at Sunset

    IAIS 601 and Slug 650 in front of the Rock Island Depot in Council Bluff, IA
  7. brad_in_omaha

    TWO J's in one Day!

    Yesterday was cool. I went over to CB to drop off a photo to a customer and I knew there there was a "J" (EJE) in town. When I got there this J was there but not the one I thought was there... 1. You know what that means... TWO "J's" in town!!! It must have been my lucky day, no...
  8. brad_in_omaha

    More Steam Power!!! IAIS 7081 + 844

    Day Two 1. IAIS 7081 2 IAIS 7081 3. IAIS 7081 4. IAIS 7081 5. IAIS 7081 6. IAIS 7081 7. 844 Night Shot
  9. brad_in_omaha

    Omaha and Council Bluffs from the past week

    Omaha and Council Bluffs from the past week 1. Omaha 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. oops.. wasn't paying attention to the shutter speed!
  10. brad_in_omaha

    Thankyou and Photos

    I have been completely busy at work lately and have not had much time for railfanning or commenting on all the great photo on here. Great work everyone and thanks for posting all the great photos! Here are a few photos I have had time to sneak on over the past couple weeks. Brad...
  11. brad_in_omaha

    UP 2010 - IAIS 705 - Railroad Days 2010

    UP 2010 - IAIS 705 - Railroad Days 2010 1. IAIS 705 2. UP 2010 3. UP 2010
  12. brad_in_omaha

    2010 BSA Locomotive in Council Bluffs

    2010 BSA Locomotive in Council Bluffs Looks to be ready for an eastbound (assuming it dosn't go to Sioux City) departure any time now. 1. 2.
  13. brad_in_omaha

    UP E9 On Omaha/Council Bluffs

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