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  1. Oh Yes.

    Oh Yes.

    Took me a while, but I found another heritage unit!
  2. D

    David Morgan, "News & Ed. Comment", Trains, June 1976

    Can anyone of you please let me know what Trains editor David P Morgan said in "News & Editorial Comment" in the June 1976 issue about Conrail? Kevin P Keefe, later Trains editor, said in the Sept 1998 issue that Morgan questioned about the Conrail inception whether it was "April Fool's Day or...
  3. Clean Trio

    Clean Trio

    SD50 6734 leads two sister units on NHSE in Middlefield, MA. nearing MP 129 on April 28, 1984. Coincidentally, the 6734 and 6739 were the first and last units of a consecutively numbered 6 unit group of SD50's assigned to the B&A in 1984. They were normally operated in two 3 unit sets.
  4. H5V with CRQ/NS SD50 #5441

    H5V with CRQ/NS SD50 #5441

    Seen H5V keep discussed about their prepare work on corn or grain load cars as plan to take them send into Allen's Milling and uploaded as corn or grain
  5. Conrail Reflection

    Conrail Reflection

    An eastbound NS 146 east of Burrows, IN.
  6. brad_in_omaha

    Central, NE

    Central, NE Few More from the past several Days! I went out to Kearney Thursday and Friday to see the Sandhill Cranes. Shot a few trains too! 1. Quick one from the Helicopter in Lincoln, NE. 2. Thursday on the Triple Track Near Gibbon, NE 3. 4. Right where the Triple...
  7. NS H94 local

    NS H94 local

    Seen H94 local work around with cars on Jello yard in Dover, DE after storm snow.
  8. NS local sit on mainline

    NS local sit on mainline

    NS 5297 sit mainline near office in Harrington, DE a while night time.
  9. NS 67V northbound train

    NS 67V northbound train

    I seen 67V northbound train had clear with NS 13G northbound train at in Harrington, Delaware a while evening so 67V keep rolled on "limit yard" only 10 or 15 mph as requires.
  10. NS 12G southbound sit on siding at Clayton, Delaware

    NS 12G southbound sit on siding at Clayton, Delaware

    I seen 12G southbound sit on siding at Clayton, Delaware so I believe that H5V or H39 crews will take taxi drive head to Clayton, Delaware come to board up on 12G southbound before they head to Harrington, Delaware by today or due tomorrow
  11. NS 12G tied down on siding at Clayton, Delaware

    NS 12G tied down on siding at Clayton, Delaware

    NS 12G southbound train tied down on siding in Clayton, Delaware a while rainy weather. NS H5V or H39 crews will come to up board on 12G southbound train and, little trip head to Harrington, Delaware.
  12. CSX 5973

    CSX 5973

    CSX B40-8 5973 (ex-Conrail) rests at Kennesaw, GA while in MOW service pushing a Jordan Spreader
  13. Conrail 8384

    Conrail 8384

  14. Meeting In Goodwater, Alabama

    Meeting In Goodwater, Alabama

    A former Conrail motor, still in blue, the NS 8461 pulls a short train through the siding in Goodwater, AL for a meet with a Eastbound train. This is backwards from what normally happens. The spring switch is on the East end of the siding, meaning most meets are with Eastbound trains taking the...
  15. NS 120 at Sunset

    NS 120 at Sunset

    NS 120, an automotive train full of racks, frames, and autoparts boxcars, heads eastbound east of Rockfield, IN.
  16. NS 5401 our only Conrail paint all day

    NS 5401 our only Conrail paint all day

  17. Lives Conrail!

    Lives Conrail!

    Tied down and, wait for crews take motor up to Harrington or, back to work with MDDE interchange in Seaford, Delaware.
  18. Waycross, Georgia Oddities

    Waycross, Georgia Oddities

    EMD SW9 Conrail Switcher. Built March 1953 as the PRR 8521
  19. FCA 732

    FCA 732

    FCA 732, 734 and 711 leading a grain train. All three are ex- CR B36-7. Note the second one still wearing CSX painting. Photo from my friend Carlos Marinho
  20. Still in Conrail paint NS 8316 Chesterton, IN

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