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  1. MBTA 1116 GP40MC

    MBTA 1116 GP40MC

  2. Youngwarrior

    Trains of South Africa

    In July and August of 2012 I spent two weeks in South Africa with a Christian Men's Chorus. As one of the official photographers for the trip I was able to take over 4000 photos. Some of them were, naturally, of South African trains. I will share them here over the next few weeks or months as...
  3. I've been framed

    I've been framed

    Metra train heading towards West captured at Naperville, Illinois.
  4. Eastern Railfan

    One Hour In Odenton, MD - 06/15/11

    In an effort to make it trackside more often, I took a little time after work to drive over to the MARC station in Odenton to watch as commuters headed home for the day. Shortly after I arrived, a southbound 641 made its way into the station led by cab car #7849. MARC 641 by...
  5. La Fox

    La Fox

    A westbound Metra train passes under the La Fox, IL overpass.
  6. Texting


    One of the commuters from Metrolink train 312 walks along side her train as she is busy texting.
  7. Trinty Rail Express 570

    Trinty Rail Express 570

    TRE 570 prepares to depart Union Station in Dallas during Friday rush hour May 8, 2009
  8. Around the Loop

    Around the Loop

    A streetcar takes a reverse loop in Botosani, Romania.
  9. ACE 3104 MPI F40PHC-3

    ACE 3104 MPI F40PHC-3

    Not a big Railway - 6 MPI F40PHC-3's on roster & 24 Bombardier BiLevel Coaches. Just enough for four daily trips.
  10. Toronto bound

    Toronto bound

    8:24am GO 808 Southbound commuter from Barrie enters Toronto by crossing Stelles Ave. Despite the short lenght, the rear of the train is over the CN mainline - on another bridge. The final, 4th morning train is running 3 minutes late. I'm still debating with myself if I should have taken it...
  11. Last Commuter Train of the Day

    Last Commuter Train of the Day

    Last but not least, SDRX 1704 hurries to its final destination after being held up due to a malfunctioned signal behind Amtrak Empire Builder
  12. A Meet with a BNSF Z Train and Sounder Train #1700

    A Meet with a BNSF Z Train and Sounder Train #1700

    With my Camcorder on a Tripod on the left, and my DSLR Camera on my hand, It was a perfect capture of a freight/commuter meet at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park.
  13. A Double Header on Sounder Train #1700

    A Double Header on Sounder Train #1700

    This is my First time seeing a double-header on a Sounder Commuter Train
  14. SDRX 901 Pushing Home Run Service to Everett, WA.

    SDRX 901 Pushing Home Run Service to Everett, WA.

    SDRX 901 is pushing the Home Run Service back to Everett, Washington after the Seattle Mariners ended their game at Safeco Field in Seattle with a win. My buddy there was taking video of the train's departure. The Train stopped at the new station at Mukilteo, WA. That day was a free ride because...
  15. GO snake

    GO snake

    Most common piece of RR equipement in Toronto. Note the MOW machine in the top right corner. Photo taken from the CN tower. I tried the same with an inbound ONR train, but missed the power.
  16. GO 545

    GO 545

    During my short (10 min.) railfanning time at Toronto's Union station I managed to catch three GO commuter trains like this one, and got sight of the ONR Northlander before he hid inside the station. Needless to say I quickly became bored with them, you only need to see two trains before the...
  17. SP commuter train leaving San Francisco

    SP commuter train leaving San Francisco

    FM trainmaster SP 3035 departs 4th & Vine station
  18. BN E9A 9916 and commuter train at Chicago, IL

    BN E9A 9916 and commuter train at Chicago, IL

    BN E9A 9916 and commuter train at Chicago, IL. Sept. 1974. Photo (c) Verne Brummel. Photo editor: Dave Cramer. Visit our website for more at:
  19. Swiftly thru the Night

    Swiftly thru the Night

    An inbound express hurries east, past empty outbound platforms.
  20. Cages of the Northwest

    Cages of the Northwest

    A Sounder commuter train departs Seattle Union depot wth downtown Seattle in the background. It is getting tougher and tougher to shoot scenes like this. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to