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  1. Cog Railway

    Cog Railway

    Front unit of Pikes Peak Cog Railway in Topaz
  2. Steaming up the Grade

    Steaming up the Grade

    Mt. Washington Cog Railway, New Hampshire
  3. Beginning the Climb

    Beginning the Climb

    Mt. Washington Cog Railway, Mt. Washington,New Hampshire
  4. Starting up the Mountain

    Starting up the Mountain

    The Mt. Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire.
  5. Mt. Washington Cog Railway, New Hampshire

    Mt. Washington Cog Railway, New Hampshire

    Looking up from the railroad\'s base station, at the foot of Mt. Washington.
  6. Descending The Mountain

    Descending The Mountain

    Here a Mount Washington Cog Rwy. train has just left the top of Mount Washington and is descending the very steep tracks, most of which is above the tree line.
  7. Coaling Up For Another Run Up The Mountain

    Coaling Up For Another Run Up The Mountain

    Locomotive GREAT GULF is coaling up for another run up Mount Washington in New Hamshire, the 2nd heighest mountain in the East behind Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. This is just one of the several engines that the Cog Railway has operating.
  8. Manitou & Pikes Peak RY

    Manitou & Pikes Peak RY

    Another photo from my trip to the Colorado Rail Museum. This is one of the various steam engines that the M&PPRY used to climb to the top of Pike's Peak - a journey from roughly 6000' elevation to 14,110'. The cogged track is visible at the base of the locomotive is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to