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  1. Pingdingshan Coal Collector

    Pingdingshan Coal Collector

  2. Lady in Yellow

    Lady in Yellow

  3. Open Cast Mine Tracks

    Open Cast Mine Tracks

    That's what you get when you lay tracks flexibly... ;-)
  4. Passenger Terminal

    Passenger Terminal

    The morning passenger train has just arrived at Pingdingshan mine railroad station and people are carrying their New Year's shopping bags home while the steamer in charge is shunting away in the background.
  5. Zhalai Nuer Steam Shed

    Zhalai Nuer Steam Shed

  6. Zhalai Nuer Steam Shed Atmosphere

    Zhalai Nuer Steam Shed Atmosphere

    One of the most amazing places of steam railroading!
  7. Chinese Contrasts

    Chinese Contrasts

    Just a great scene you can only find in China: the cooling towers of a coal power station behind a steam loco bringing coal to the station (and fuelled by the coal) behind an electrician of the loco shed trying to repair a light bulb contact - powered by the power station in the background! ;-)
  8. Steam in Steam

    Steam in Steam

    That's why you bear temperatures of 0 F! ;-)
  9. The Banana

    The Banana

    Great steam during sunset at the open cast mine of Zhalai Nuer, but what do you expect at 0 F? ;-)
  10. QJ Overhaul

    QJ Overhaul

    Thermal cutting during a main overhaul of QJ 6786 at Pingdingshan shed, although steamers are being phased out here until 2009.
  11. Steam Maintenance Shed

    Steam Maintenance Shed

    Inside it's only slightly warmer than outside at the Zhalai Nuer loco repair facility.
  12. Steppe Winter Steam Crane

    Steppe Winter Steam Crane

    Steam crane operation at 0 F in the Inner Mongolian steppe near the open cast coal mine of Zhalai Nuer.
  13. Portland's light rail

    Portland's light rail

    A TriMet lite rail train get ready to depart the old town/china town stop in Portland
  14. QJ's freight at Harbin

    QJ's freight at Harbin

    Model QJ (QianJin) leads the freight train at Harbin, in the north east area of china. The temperature was about 22 degrees below zero. (F, Fahrenheit) 31st. Dec. 1985 Harbin, China.
  15. China DFH3 0104 at Harbin

    China DFH3 0104 at Harbin

    DFH3 leads a train at Habin in the end of 1985. The engine, model DFH3 was manufactured since 1972 to 1982, the drive is B-B by fluid-drive.
  16. China JF at Harbin

    China JF at Harbin

    The locomotive is china JF at Harbin engine house. It's very cold, the temperture was under minus 20 degrees.
  17. QJ class 2-10-2

    QJ class 2-10-2

    BNSF's H-HOUGAL sits in the siding at Moody, TX with two QJ class 2-10-2's from China.
  18. QJ class 2-10-2

    QJ class 2-10-2

    BNSF's H-HOUGAL sits in the siding at Moody, TX with two QJ class 2-10-2's from China.
  19. Central Texas and Chinese Steamers

    Central Texas and Chinese Steamers

    BNSF's H-HOUGAL sits in the siding at Moody, Texas, with two Chinese 2-10-2 "QJ" Class locomotives in tow.


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