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  1. Nice Rails

    Nice Rails

    Not QUITE class 1 railroad standards, but better than the "Jacumba Tourists" photo
  2. "Tourists" near Jacumba, CA

    "Tourists" near Jacumba, CA

    I found these "illegals" hiking on the tracks near Jacumba, CA
  3. CZRY off to work

    CZRY off to work

    Carrizo Gorge railroad's highrail truck heading for work, May 2nd, 2003
  4. Tunnel 8 (re-opened!) north side - Carrizo Gorge

    Tunnel 8 (re-opened!) north side - Carrizo Gorge

    Tunnel 8 is the first of several obstacles to re-opening the Carrizo Gorge, and San Diego's line to the east. This tunnel has been closed since the '80's and has been until recently when CZRY has finally re-opened it! You can now walk / drive a jeep through this previously closed tunnel. Once...
  5. SP Cement Cars - Carrizo Gorge

    SP Cement Cars - Carrizo Gorge

    Here's several boxcars that derailed in the Carrizo Gorge. They were filled with cement at one time, and rather than try to re-rail them, they (SD&AE) pushed them over the side. They remain there to this day...
  6. "Spirit Of Washington" into Mexico

    "Spirit Of Washington" into Mexico

    CZRY's newest aquisitions the "Spirit of Washington" F-units heading into Mexico past Division, CA
  7. Goat Canyon Trestle

    Goat Canyon Trestle

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