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  1. E's on the doubletrack

    E's on the doubletrack

    Union Pacific 951 takes a business special up the Coast Line at Carandero just a few miles from Gilroy, California. The E's still took charge of the business specials as seen here in April of 2001.
  2. Oops in the Dunsmuir yard

    Oops in the Dunsmuir yard

    A BNSF detour manifest creeps through the yard at Dunsmuir, California in August of 2001. An earlier UP freight has left a present inside the UP yard on this morning! :p
  3. Down the gulch at Wilder

    Down the gulch at Wilder

    The Union Pacific "Santa Cruz Local" whines with dynamic brakes as it rolls into a gulch at Wilder Ranch in March of 2006. The local is about four miles from its namesake city.
  4. Some oil cans in daylight

    Some oil cans in daylight

    Southern Pacific 371 leads the outbound "oil cans" at Bradley, California in November of 2000. The big AC4400CW is lugging this oil unit train from the Mobil wells at Wunpost to the port at Long Beach. The train is often elusive in daylight, often running the length of the Coast Line...
  5. Canada visits Menlo Park

    Canada visits Menlo Park

    Canadian Pacific FP7 number 1400 makes a run down the San Francisco Peninsula at Menlo Park, California in November of 2000. The CP varnish was on tour to promote Canadian tourism, and presented a rare chance to see a working f-unit on the Peninsula.
  6. Zephyr rolls by Hirschdale

    Zephyr rolls by Hirschdale

    Amtrak #6, the "California Zephyr" makes time as it's late through Hirschdale, California on the Donner Pass route. Amtrak's Zephyrs have been notorious for being late.
  7. Potash down Donner

    Potash down Donner

    A solid train of potash rolls down the slopes of the Sierra Nevada at Casa Loma, California in October of 2006. Union Pacific's route over Donner Pass will become much more active in the future once the tunnel improvements are made.
  8. Why settle for one Pacific?

    Why settle for one Pacific?

    A rarity. Two identical Southern Pacific 4-6-2's are steamed up at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum in January of 2003. This would be the last steam event held at the San Francisco, California location. The 2472 has moved to Niles Canyon, and the 2467 is housed inside the railroad museum in...
  9. C&NW cars on CalTrain

    C&NW cars on CalTrain

    A set of ex-Chicago & Northwestern gallery cars pull up to the San Antonio stop in Mountain View, California in June of 2001. These old C&NW gallery cars pinch hit for CalTrain's own coaches. CalTrain's gallery cars were being rebuilt by Alstom during that year.
  10. No longer a man's job

    No longer a man's job

    This was unheard of in the Southern Pacific's days of commuter trains. A female CalTrain conductor validates tickets inside one of the old Chicago & Northwestern gallery cars in June of 2001. Lots of women are now serving aboard the commuter trains as conductors or assistant conductors. Even...
  11. SP SD70M's at Sargent

    SP SD70M's at Sargent

    SP 9817 leads a northbound intermodal at Sargent, California in June of 2000. What I wouldn't give for a time machine right now. UP just eliminated through freights on the Coast Line, and has plugged the sidings with stored cars.
  12. Deadhead California car

    Deadhead California car

    Forgive the unremarkable photo of a remarkable event. Was riding the Southwest Chief on May 11, 2009. Noticed the new California car bringing up the rear. Had to wait for the Fort Madison, Iowa smoker's stop to get this grab shot. I guess that's how they get the newly manufactured coaches to...
  13. Triple steam at Hearst

    Triple steam at Hearst

    Union Pacific 844 pauses for photos with Southern Pacific 2472 and Robert Dollar Company number 3 at Hearst siding, near Sunol, California.
  14. Unlimited Power on the Margarita

    Unlimited Power on the Margarita

    Three GP40-2's take the southbound "Santa Margarita Turn" past produce fields near San Ardo, California in August of 2000. The three geeps will have no problem handling the one car train today. ;)
  15. Salinas River and the Margarita

    Salinas River and the Margarita

    A pair of pure Southern Pacific GP40-2's lead the "Santa Margarita Turn" past Harlem on the Coast Sub in November of 2000. Some fall colors dot the river as it winds down the valley to Santa Margarita. Harlem is about four miles south of Soledad, California.
  16. Pausing at the wye

    Pausing at the wye

    The Union Pacific "Santa Cruz Local" engineer switches cabs while paused at the wye in Santa Cruz, California yesterday. The train had a real "heritage" mix of Rio Grande, Western Pacific, and Southern Pacific locomotives. :)
  17. Cruzing down Beach Street

    Cruzing down Beach Street

    Union Pacific 1347 takes an abbreviated "Santa Cruz Local" down Beach Street in Santa Cruz, California yesterday. It will only be a few more weeks before Beach Street and the municipal wharf are congested with summer tourists.
  18. T-motors at Pinole

    T-motors at Pinole

    A pair of former SP tunnel motors and a Rio Grande GP40-2 take a Roseville to San Jose manifest past Pinole, California in March of 2002. The t-motors were in their last days of service. First for their age, and second for the closing of the yard at San Jose just two years later.
  19. Severn's waving

    Severn's waving

    Severn Edmonds of the Golden Gate Railroad Museum is serving as fireman in SP 2472's cab while it heads northbound at College Park, California in March of 2002.
  20. Big Macs at Grass Lake

    Big Macs at Grass Lake

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