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  1. kskcsfan

    Recent KP

    UP 4165 leads wind towers west, TTX means Tower Train? UP 9366 and UP 2505 lead the MKCSI-31 west, that's right Jeff we've been made to belive lies the last couple of years. It's not the KSSI anymore.
  2. Shiny Dash-8 on the Oregon Trunk Sub.

    Shiny Dash-8 on the Oregon Trunk Sub.

    On a northbound manifest on the OT Sub. in Bend, OR. Looks nice and shiny in the rain.
  3. Eastern Railfan

    Hattiesburg, MS - 02/13/11

    I've been in Biloxi, MS for the past few days visiting a good friend of mine. Yesterday we decided to go up to Hattiesburg to poke around town and photograph anything and everything. While we were there I did catch a little Norfolk Southern action. I would have loved to have seen a Canadian...
  4. NS 13G northbound

    NS 13G northbound

    13G stop at Felton downtown for pick up empty stone cars on Tilcon siding after that they done then they began to move back to coupled with original outbound cars after they done and, then wait take few minutes so finally they began to leave back to Enola tonight but they had one more for pick...
  5. Trains of Recession

    Trains of Recession

    Food prices are far more reasonable, but at what expense? This economic crisis is starting to get to the railway...I'm used to seeing trains with more than 45 cars! "Ex-Con" C40-8W 2455 is the trailing unit.
  6. BNSF 899

    BNSF 899

    BNSF 899 leads a Westbound Z train near the East siding switch at Lyle.
  7. BNSF 863

    BNSF 863

    BNSF 863 leads a trio of 800's on an Eastbound autorack train.
  8. End of the Line

    End of the Line

    CSX C40-8W #7664 sits nearly at the end of the storage track near the depot in Hamlet, NC.
  9. Bird Chaser

    Bird Chaser

    The telephoto lens makes it look like the engineer in UP 9361 GE C40-8W is about to hit some birds as he passes under IH30 near Tower 55 in Fort Worth, TX.
  10. Apex Depot

    Apex Depot

    CSX train F742 with LMS C40-8W #7925 on the head end rumbles past the freight depot at Apex, North Carolina
  11. Carolina Spring

    Carolina Spring

    Norfolk Southern train I18 led by ex-Conrail C40-8W #8332 heads south out of the Greensboro yard on a beautiful North Carolina spring day.
  12. CSX 7786

    CSX 7786

    CSX C40-8W #7786 is in the lead of a northbound train at Selma, North Carolina on a cold but sunny March morning.
  13. Faded Blue

    Faded Blue

    CSX C40-8W #7374, still in Conrail colors leads a train around the curve and into Hamlet yard.
  14. CSX 7859

    CSX 7859

    A CSX train rounds the curve and heads west out of Hamlet yard.
  15. Conrail Blue

    Conrail Blue

    NS C40-8W #8409 still in Conrail blue sits at South Yard.
  16. CSX Dash 8-40CW

    CSX Dash 8-40CW

    A CSX Dash 8-40CW is the 2nd locomotive on a BNSF intermodal train at Malta, Montana
  17. Big blue needs a recrew

    Big blue needs a recrew

    An NS coal train with an all-blue lash awaits a fresh crew at Philly's Locust interlocking.
  18. Tar River

    Tar River

    CSX C40-8W #7369 rolls across the Tar River as it approaches Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
  19. LMS


    CSX #7922, a former Locomotive Management Services diesel, still in LMS colors and lettering brings a train into Hamlet yard as the sun is about to set.
  20. CSX Train in Ponce De Leon FL.

    CSX Train in Ponce De Leon FL.

    This train had 2 CSX unit's C40-8W C40-8 with a BCRail unit 6206 sd40-2.Total car count 130. this was on the csx p&a sub.

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