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  1. Good Old Chessie Lives, but looks Tired.

    Good Old Chessie Lives, but looks Tired.

    Here is a RCPHE4, exGP40s #6629 in Chessie Paint, with B&O Sublettering. She looks do battered and bruied from the many years of a Abuse she was put throught on the Railroad. But its a good thing CSX still has units like this around. Telus6429 Ian Windsor,Ontario...
  2. A Local

    A Local

    After making a few local Deliverys. These Geeps are heading back to the GEMCO Yard. Passing the Burbank Airport Station. This Train Runs with a Caboose on end. And is seen backing all the way to the GEMCO or From the Yard to the JCT at Burbank. This Train makes its run during the week. Its like...

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