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  1. Apache Snowflake Branch

    Apache Snowflake Branch

    C420 81 and C424 98 return to their train at Snowflake Junction after spotting covered hoppers in Snowflake for storage.
  2. White Pass 98

    White Pass 98

    White Pass and Yukon 98 fresh out of Ceeco paint shop
  3. Amtrak in Raleigh

    Amtrak in Raleigh

    Amtrak train 80, the northbound Carolinian gets a new crew at Raleigh, NC.
  4. Crew Change

    Crew Change

    Amtrak train #80, the northbound Carolinian gets a crew change at the station stop in Raleigh, NC.
  5. White pass & Yukon 98

    White pass & Yukon 98

    White pass & Yukon 98 at Skagway, Alaska.
  6. ATSF FP45 #98

    ATSF FP45 #98

    ATSF FP45 #98 sits idleing at Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California. In a few moments a OERM crew will arrive to back 98, which is MU'ed to SP U25B #3100, and couple them up to a small work train which will depart for Fullerton at about 3:30am the next morning. Photo taken on...
  7. Outside the Pen

    Outside the Pen

    Ballard Terminal Railroad SW-1 #98 sits outside the locomotive pen ready to make a run along the Ballard waterfront.

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