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  1. 844 Gone By again

    844 Gone By again

    As the day end and light fade. I wave one last good by.Till the next time we see one another again.
  2. 844 Racing in

    844 Racing in

    844 racing in from Cheyenne Frontier Days.On to Denver Then Hot foot it back later that same night.Note She breathing a little fire out the side their
  3. A Fun day

    A Fun day

    A fun a ride on a great train,a rodeo .And a Pretty lady too.Yes a Fun Day
  4. Return Trip

    Return Trip

    Coming back to Denver from a day at Cheyenne Fronter Days.
  5. The Days Gone By

    The Days Gone By

    As fast and as powerful the new locomotives are. They lack the romance of the steam locomotive.
  6. 844 Hogger

    844 Hogger

    The hogger for the Union Pacific 844 eases his way down the UP lead to the BNSF main in Tacoma, WA.
  7. UP 844 and SP 4449 Doubleheader

    UP 844 and SP 4449 Doubleheader

    The two magnificent steam locomotives back down the lead from the UP yard onto BNSF track.
  8. UP 844 and SP 4449 Doubleheader

    UP 844 and SP 4449 Doubleheader

    Union Pacific 844 is attached to Southern Pacific 4449 in the UP yard in Tacoma, WA.
  9. Not So Long Ago

    Not So Long Ago

    Not so long a go you would not think twice about to rival Passenger Trains at the train station. Here is .The Rio Grande Ski Train and a UP Colo State Fair Special at Union Station in Denver,Co


    South of wellington on road 60.
  11. UP TRAIN


    Just north of the Wellington airport on road 50.
  12. UP 844

    UP 844

    Just north of Wellington by the airport.
  13. Running the rails

    Running the rails

    844 Blasting north to Cheyenne on the Greeley Branch Line.Outside of Brighton,Co
  14. Stop Over

    Stop Over

    844 In Denver for Cheyenne fronter day special
  15. Northeast Oregon

    Northeast Oregon

    UP 844 passes a small pond east of La Grande.
  16. 844 and the City

    844 and the City

    I know that there are going to be a bazillion photos from the 2007 UP Steam trip to Seattle, but most folks seem to shy away from the urban landscape for their rail photography - especially steam. For some reason I'm drawn to it, so here's my effort from the big trip to the Northwest.
  17. Portrait


    844 simmering in the Fife (Tacoma) WA yard, coupled to the tender of SP #4449 on their first outing together.
  18. Northbound at Chehalis

    Northbound at Chehalis

    4449 and UP 844 sit at the station at Chehalis, WA at a servicing stop while en route to Tacoma
  19. 844 as Art

    844 as Art

    During a pause in Hearne, Texas
  20. Gently aged....

    Gently aged....

    Launching gently from Hearne, Texas on the 2006 tour, UP 844 doesn't even break a sweat on a 90 degree May afternoon.

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