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  1. otlocal


    CN grain train N/B with CN2260/2586,out of BEND,OR,about 20:30,snuck by me:mad:
  2. otlocal

    Wishram Fire

    Fire in,or near Wishram, Wa.,burning at this time don't know how close it is to rail yard,but i wonder if they will man their ,Command Center caboose and go after it.:eek:
  3. otlocal

    8156 S/B OT-Gateway Subs

    BNSF 8156, S/B ,just got track warrant between 8z and Beal OT Sub,should be on Gateway Sub this afternoon.Normally i wouldn't mention it,but it's a very rare animal in these parts,especially as a nice clean lead unit.Most likely a Barstow train.:)
  4. otlocal

    Grain Train/ OT Sub/NB

    CN 8851,CN2577,BCOL 4601,N/B OT,departed Bend,around 11;00 AM.....Also BNSF 6020 Depating Bend,right now also has CN unit in consist.
  5. otlocal

    Canadian National-N/B,OT Sub

    CN 2619, lead unit ,Departed Bend,OR.N/B at 05:45...;)
  6. otlocal

    Lite Power /NB-OT

    Lots of lite power going NB on the OT Sub lately, Wed 7 units,Thurs. 10 units i was told the Wed. job kicked out a few cars out Bend, and took them north.Can't say i ever seen this before.Kinda interesting didn't know the PNW was that short on power,normally i see extra power just added to the...
  7. otlocal

    Geo train- bnsf 9556

    The Geo Train has been assigned BNSF 9556 in the executive paint,it may be coming to PNW soon,should look good ,if you hear anything please advise Thanks:)
  8. otlocal

    SD40-2 NB/OT-Sub

    Big Green Machine,SD40-2, 1779, in loco consist on baretable lead unit ,BNSF 4600, NB OT Sub,should be around Madras,Or,or north of there i think this is a Vancouver or Seattle, train if you see this guy please advise,i'm very interested to see where he goes...Special thanks to fellow member Rob...
  9. otlocal

    700 N/B OTsub

    BNSF 700 N/B OTsub/dp Bend,around 13:00/No ID.:)
  10. otlocal

    BNSF/OCS in Wash.State

    OCS/Holiday Train,supposed to be running to Everett, on Friday from Spokane,then Seattle to Tacoma, on weekend,get some pitcha's i missed it Sunday, i think it had that 3/4 dome on it very cool car.:cool:
  11. otlocal

    Make A Wish/Holiday Train ,N/B.OT Sub

    BNSF 4807 N/B OT Sub with fairly large OCS train,left Bend 3:30 PM should on it's way to Vancouver,WA,rear car a platform OBS running revers direction train should be at Columbia River around 9 or10ish PM:eek::)
  12. otlocal

    BNSF 711 N/B OT Sub

    BNSF 711 N/B OT Sub,in Bend right now,has work i think n/b should be in Columbia Gorge somtime before noon,if i get train ID will post.
  13. otlocal

    Ot sub rocks on

    BNSF 4701 was delayed,or hit by rock slide,DS asked if there OK, and if they where able to make it out OK,on the move again, outbound waiting in Bend,Or.This is the second rock related incident on the OT, in less than a week.(MP 95):eek:
  14. otlocal


    Geo train with BNSF 8143(The Cyclops)N/B Oregon Trunk Sub,don't no wheater he's going: towards Vancouver or Pasco.:cool:
  15. otlocal

    Moon over Amtrak

    The 33rd annual mooning of Amtrak came off without a hitch saturday,in Laguna Niguel,Calif,according the Wall Street Journal,the mayors comment was.."this is something i just can't behind".....
  16. otlocal

    Bnsf 4000/baretable n/b ot sub

    BNSF 4000 is N/B on baretable train ,normally i would bring this c-44 up but i think its the first in this series.
  17. otlocal

    Bnsf 8261 n/b baretable ot

    Bnsf 8261 n/b bartable called out of bend,or ,16:00, should get to columbia gorge next hour or so.
  18. otlocal

    Geo train n/b ot sub

    Geometry train headed back to Washington,State via Or Trunk,ETA Columbia River about 4 plus hrs,don't know wheather it will go towards Vancouver or Pasco.
  19. otlocal

    Bnsf 1039/geo train s/b ot,sub

    BNSF 1039 South Or,Trunk Sub,my guess is she'll be tied up overnight at Bend,or the geometry train may continue to K-Falls(southbound).
  20. otlocal

    Pbs interview/bnsf-ceo

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