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  1. pedrop

    Action at ENG yard (Brazil)

    Hi, yesterday I went to Nova Granja yard (ENG) near here to watch the switching operations of Vale mining M2467 empty train. Here is how it was done;Locomotives BB40-9 1172 and BB40-9WM 8671 leading the second block of the M247 train crossing the PN of ENG. The leaders of this train were the...
  2. pedrop

    Vale mining and MRS railroad are testing ore trains without crew ( Brazil)

    Hi, due to the risk of new dam collapses in some mines here, Vale mining and MRS railroad are testing to operate the ore trains by remote control system. MRS is adding the system in 15 AC44i's and Vale in 6 BB40-9W's.
  3. pedrop

    Progress Rail black SD70ACes to VLI (Brazil)

    Hi, Progress Rail is sending four ex ALL SD70ACe to FNS railroad in the North. They were rented by VLI broad gauge system. Pedro ]
  4. pedrop

    Vale rail train C199

    Hi, today I found rail train C199 here in town. Locomotives BB40-9W 1167 and 1295 were in the traction of it. Here we see them waiting licence to proceed to EWL yard. March 19, 2019
  5. pedrop

    Vietnam railroads in 1967 - an article in a brazilian magazine

    Hi, while I was looking up on old railroad articles and news on ancient magazines and newspapers here in Brazil, I found this interesting article on the railroads in Vietnam in 1967. The article is in portuguese, but the photos are nice and interesting to see. The magazine is called O...
  6. pedrop

    Trains flooded in São Paulo ( Brazil)

    Hi, today we had a big flood in São Paulo, Brazil. The railroad tracks also were covered by the water. The pics enclosed are print from the tv news here. We see a MRS train and a CPTM Alco RS3 in a flooded yard .
  7. pedrop

    New page to MGR website

    Hi, I am moving part of my website Minas Gerais Railways to Proboards. Its is a new and clean site with data on brazilian railroads in the Minas Gerais state. You can visit it in the address I am trying to add as many information as I can in english...
  8. pedrop

    The future of Tehachapi pass

    I've heard that the new high speed corridor for passenger trains in California can provide a new way to freight trains also and this could mean the end of Tehachapi pass. Does it possible to happen?
  9. pedrop

    Another SD70ACe on the road (Brazil)

    Pics of a SD70ACe 7045 on the road been moved from Hortolandia, SP to Sao Luis MA, a 2,800km long trip. The Demonstrator is rented to VLI railroad, north system. Pics from
  10. pedrop

    The iron cast train (Brazil)

    Hi, the daily iron cast train running here in town yesterday. Two C44 leading with two C26-7 in idle notch in the middle. 1 & 2 - Changing crew at EVP yard. In the background, VLI yard switchers doing the local job.
  11. pedrop

    Help to identify a rail type ((Brazil)

    Hi, I have seen some pieces of old rail type been used in containment or in abandoned bridges built in the end of 1800's. Can someone identify this type of rail? Is it an american or british type?
  12. pedrop

    The impressive avalanche of mud from Vale mining dam collapse (Brazil)

    Hi, a video from one of the cameras of Vale mining machines shows the impressive avalanche of mud that killed more that 350 people at Vale mining in Brumadinho, MG Brazil last Friday 25. Note the MRS railroad train accelerating to try to scape. The crew died. The leading locomotive and one MRS...
  13. pedrop

    New tank cars to VLI (Brazil)

    VLI ordered 87 new broad gauge TCT class tank cars with Greenbrier/Maxion (GM). The tank itself is made by Delp here in my city Vespasiano and then sent by trucks to GM for finishing. I took these pics of some tank cars on trucks at Delp gates this week.
  14. pedrop

    Another SD70ACeBB delivered to VLI (Brazil)

    EMD of Brazil delivered today another SD70ACeBB to VLI. Here we see it leading train C558 at EVP yard
  15. pedrop

    SD80ACe to MRS railroad (Brazil)

    MRS will start the road test with EMD demonstrator 8080, an SD80ACe originally built as SD70ACe/45 and upgraded to SD80ACe. The test will start next week, 9/20. Picture from a friend.
  16. pedrop

    GE plant switcher (Brazil)

    Hi, while I was driving in front of GE plant today I saw their yard switcher in front of the main gates, so I took theses pics enclosed. The model is called GE244 because in the past it used an Alco 244 prime mover. Nowadays it uses a GM prime mover from an old G12. There are only two of them in...
  17. pedrop

    Third rail at night (Brazil)

    I took this pic today evening while crossing a pedestrian walkway over the tracks in downtown. We see the lights of a GE U20C preparing to couple to the end of train C319 seen in the tracks at left. The headlights of the GE clears the tracks ahead showing the details of the line with third rail...
  18. pedrop

    MRS ore trains (Brazil)

    Hi, some updated pics of my railfaning trips along broad gauge MRS railroad. Here are some pics taken last friday 24/8 on Centro line in Carandai, MG. That is a line for empty ores and some freights. All trains moves westbound only.
  19. pedrop

    VLI and Vale log trains (Brazil)

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