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  1. Durango-Silverton RR Coach

    Durango-Silverton RR Coach

    Part of the consist of the first morning train out of Durango, Colorado.
  2. Durango-Silverton Railroad steam engine

    Durango-Silverton Railroad steam engine

    Steam engine get usual maintenance in Silverton, Colorago
  3. Yankee Girl Interior

    Yankee Girl Interior

  4. UP Big Boy

    UP Big Boy

    Saint Louis Museum of Transportation
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    The Future of US Passenger Rail...?

    Let me make the point that Amtrak and rail service should not view the airlines as their competitors. I predict that in ten years travel by plane will be available, but ridership will decline. In Kansas City there are three terminals and one has been shut down as a result of a 38% drop in...
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    Fight to Save SW Chief Route

    Does anybody know if the Southwest Chief transfers to the BNSF transcon route through Amarillo, will the trip take less time? If it stays on the present track, the states are unlikely to fund improvement.
  7. RDC


    Photo shot at St. Louis Museum of Transportation.
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    Historical NY to NO railroad trip question

    In the 1920's there was a train called the Crescent (which still exists today under Amtrak). It ran on the Pennsylvania Railroad from N.Y. to Washington D.C., then the Southern Railroad took it into New Orleans. There were through cars, so one didn't need to change trains. In Chicago you could...
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    Railfan Harassment

    A BNSF crewman told me they were cooling their heels in an engine near a wooded area. They saw two men with cameras and binoculars hiding in the trees. In this era of terrorism, they immediatly notified security on their radios. Later, they were told "those men were railroad detectives spying on...
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    1947 NYC to Wash., DC

    I doubt that the Congressional, for example crossed the Delaware by ferry. There were numerous ferry boats crossing the Hudson to connect N.Y.C. passengers with New Jersey and New York state communities including the New York Central, Erie, Lackawana, Pennsylvania and Jersey Central. I am old...
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    Hassles of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak

    In the "golden age" of air travel, had many pleasant interactions with passengers and flight crews on 727s while waiting on line to use the lavatories. Times have changed! Yesterday, was on a three hour flight on "the great" Southwest Airlines. Had to use the facility. Jumped over two seatmates...
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    Hassles of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak

    I am in complete agreement with Wigwamman's proposal about raising fares: Case in point: Missouri's River Runner Service between K.C. and St. Louis loses somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000 depending on the year. Simple solution- raise fares between $.50 to two dollars. This will not run...
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    Amtrak Dominates Northeast Corridor Travel

    Like him or not, we get four more years of Amtrak with Obama.
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    California Zephyr 2012

    Had ridden the original California Zephyr (CB&Q, D&RGW, WP) with its five dome cars in.1961. This was a delightful experience. Made reservations for Amtrak's version in February, but had concerns. The Zephyr has been beset by mother nature problems including walls of snow in winter, forest...
  15. Rock Island Doodlebug Ottumwa station

    Rock Island Doodlebug Ottumwa station

    This poor quality photo is of the Rock Island Doodlebug resting at the former Ottumwa, Iowa station (long gone). It ran between Des Moines and Eldon, Iowa where it provided Des Moines passengers with a flag stop connection with the Golden State, Imperial and other California trains. Looks like...
  16. Rock Island Doodlebug Ottumwa

    Rock Island Doodlebug Ottumwa

    Rare photo of the Rock Island Doodlebug which ran between Des Moines and Eldon,Iowa cooling its heels in Ottumwa, Iowa.
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    Hassles of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak

    I suspect the future of rail passenger travel lies with the right city pairs, Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, Chicago to St. Louis, etc. The present administration talks of HSR when they should be talking about "higher speed rail". I suspect this type of service would siphon off some air passengers...
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    Another one bites the dust

    Seems that Comair a Delta partner serving Kentucky and vicinity is out of business. They blame the failure on high fuel costs and the higher maintenance costs for its smaller jets. This seems odd to me. The conventional wisdom in the 80's suggested that airlines would move to the smaller...
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    Amtrak to propose $7 billion overhaul at Washington DC Union Station

    Amtrak needs new rolling stock equipment first. Shouldn't cost millions, as it has, for the smaller stations unless it has intermodal connections or is a total transportation center. An Amshack is fine, as long as there is increased train frequency. This project is a pie-in-the-sky for the...
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    NRHS CRANDIC Special

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