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    Union Pacific Hiring Practices

    there are a lot of companies doing that now. the reason is cause smokers cost a lot of money to the health insurance companies cause they do get sick a lot. so in order to lower there health insurance premiums they decided not to hire any smokers. its not just the union pacific either google and...
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    Out on the Range.....The Iron Range.

    hey alcofanrs27 yes the limestone is used on making of the taconite pallets the last time my dad and i were up there was june 2008 when the flooding was going on down here in the milwaukee area. nice to see some of the DMIR power is still being used as well as older equipment too
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    Loco Windshield Wipers Question...

    i would see why not all you need to know is what size is the wiper blade, although i am sure they keep them instock at the maintance facilities
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    you can download google earth 6 and you can search the areas on your computer
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    hey alco fan there is a spot just south of superior called saunders that is a good spot to see the CN go under the BNSF. There is a place off of highway 2 west of proctor called munger where the CN goes over the old DMIR. prokagama yard is off of Highway 105 west of superior and not far from...
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    Horicon, Byron Hill, and Slinger

    hey alcofan it was July or August think it was July of 2009
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    Horicon, Byron Hill, and Slinger

    the last time i saw that RS2 was at the old tower automotive complex in milwaukee. also have you ever been down to duplainville where the CP and the CN cross each other
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    Horicon, Byron Hill, and Slinger

    nice shots there alcoran rs27 and its nice to see that RS2
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    Last Weekend In January Rochelle,IL

    hey gary where was that last picture taken at
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    Last Three Day Of Vacation Of The Year

    now that is a rarity the sante fe unit still having sante fe on it and ATSF markings no BNSF on it at all
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    Talgo pulling out

    and for the railroad track there is none that got upgrade either
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    Talgo pulling out

    once you break it down its still cheaper to drive by car from milwaukee to madison than to pay the 60 dollars for the round trip and once you get out to madison you would have to pay more money in order to travel around the city
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    Wisconsin's loss

    lets put it this way passenger train traffic is a thing of the past since we have the love affair with the automobile. that said why should people take a train that takes 3 days to get to somewhere when in a few hours you can go to the same place by airplane. however i think amtrak should stay...
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    WOW! What A Day

    nice shoots there gary by the way that NS unit number 5041 is that a high nose SD40-2
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    Some nice leaders

    Just looked and it is the 2113. if you type in the search on this website CN 2113 someone already has a picture of it in Vancover B.C. freshly repainted with the logo on it
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    Some nice leaders

    that's right publicly owned and can't remember which one it is if its the 2113 or 2115. but yes they do have a special paint scheme on that unit
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    Some nice leaders

    yes they should be alcofanrs27 the photos you see there are at duplainville so you should be seeing them going through stevens point. the CN aquired 35 of them 2100 to 2134 the 2113 or 2115 has been repainted to celebrate CN's 15 years of being owned privately
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    Some Of UP's Rebuilt SD40-2's Peeking Out From Jenks

    my guess is the r means rebuilt but it would mean something else
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    Some classic EMD

    yes rock 4329 the marsh job comes out of butler yard and returns in the late afternoon early evening hours. engines are kept at the year as well think by the engine house that is there kevin
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    Lil' of everything today

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