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  1. jkinzel

    Signal at Wallula, WA

    Back in May 2008 I was passing through Wallula, WA and came across this "short" searchlight signal. I have also seen an example of this type of light at the NP museum in Toppenish with an explanation for its size, but for the life of me cannot remember what it said. If anyone can provide the...
  2. jkinzel

    A Trip to Montana.

    The train doesn't run here anymore. Wallace, ID. You have no idea how disappointed I was to learn that the Oasis is now a museum. :o The only running Montana Rail Link train I saw in five days was east bound at Evaro on the MRL 10th Sub. I'm plagiarizing myself...
  3. jkinzel

    Lewiston - Kooskia Branch

    Would anyone know If the Great Northwest RR is running any trains on the Lewiston, Spalding, Orofino, Kooskia Branch? We might be going in that direction in the next few weeks and I was wondering if it is dead or alive. I was in Orofino about five years ago and the rails looked pretty rusty...
  4. jkinzel

    No Room at the Bin for Grain

    Interesting read. You would think BNSF would have cleared this up by now.
  5. jkinzel

    Yakima Valley Sub MP113

    While in Ellensburg, WA I spent some time in the Yakima River Canyon, unfortunately trains were as rare as hens teeth. However, I did spend time talking with local birders and photographing the wild life. I was up and out the door at 0630 and headed down Canyon Road to look for locations to...
  6. jkinzel

    Fort Bragg and the Skunk Train

    A few months ago my brother told me about his ride on the California Western RR, i.e. the Skunk Train that has tracks between Fort Bragg and Willits, California. That seed finally sprouted and last week we hit the road for Fort Bragg and the redwood forest. The...
  7. jkinzel

    Makeover for Trainz Simulator

    For those who might be interested, N3V games is planning an extreme makeover of Trainz.
  8. jkinzel

    April 2013 Trip to Dunsmuir, CA

    Some high lights of my trip to Dunsmuir this past week: After leaving Corvallis heading south on Hwy99 I found Albany & Eastern 1750 just south of the Corvallis, OR Airport. I really do like the paint job, very clean and visible. Just north of Roseburg, OR was CORP 2005 and CEFX 2002...
  9. jkinzel

    A few photos from Seattle

    Timing is everything so it was no surprise that the Sunday I planned for a fact finding mission to Seattle was cloudy and drizzly, but off to Seattle I went. I started at Boeing field and worked my way to the South Portal. I was a bit amazed at the amount of track working going on between...
  10. jkinzel

    Hello, anyone home?

    Wow, sure took a long time for this light to come on. How many months have the oil trains been running?
  11. jkinzel

    GATX 1038 Fresh Out of the Box

    Got the title wrong, Too many letters in my head. While in Tacoma today I found HLCX 1038 and it looks like its fresh out of the rebuild shop. It was running and it appeared they were waiting for someone to open the gate. I apologize for the poor quality, but it was a grab shot standing in...
  12. jkinzel

    Dunsmuir, California and Surrounding Area

    This past week my wife and I and our body guard (ref: avatar) spent several days in Dunsmuir, California enjoying eighty degree weather a change of pace and trains. Castella is a small community just south of Dunsmuir. A southbound at the north end of Castella Loop Road. The next morning...
  13. jkinzel

    A Trip to Hood River, Oregon

    On Tuesday afternoon 8/28, my wife, I and our body guard, (Ref. my avatar) hit the road for Hood River, OR on the Columbia River for a few "mental health" days, or R&R. I spent some time at Mosier, OR a small town just east of Hood River. Shortly after arriving a west bound double stack...
  14. jkinzel

    A Trip to Asoria, Oregon

    Title was suppose to be: A Trip to Astoria, Oregon. Oh well. Recently I spent some time in Astoria, OR and found some odds and ends near the water front trolley barn. Unfortunately I did not get any good photos of the trolley and I have no information on the passenger car or the tender...
  15. jkinzel

    A Trip to Leavenworth, WA

    The wife and I spent some time in Leavenworth this week and I managed to get in a little trackside activity, but missed more trains than I caught, however the sacrifice was rewarded with good food and really good beer. We made a loop going east over Snoqualmie and Blewett Passes and returning...
  16. jkinzel

    Northern California Trip

    A trip was in order before Fall arrives, so we headed to Northern California for a few days spending time in the Dunsmuir, Mt Shasta area. The weather was great, but the trains seemed to be running mostly in the dark hours with very few during the day. I did manage to catch a few, but missed...
  17. jkinzel

    Rail Grinder at 0230?

    This morning when running (on the water) from Ferndale to Anacortes on the east side of Sinclair Island and Guemes Island, for those who know the area, I saw one of those “What The Heck :confused::confused:” things. By the way, not an exact quote, but I’m keeping it family friendly. Was...
  18. jkinzel

    I Hate Begging, but

    I hate begging, :o but I have a request: I'm looking for a picture of the Chambers Creek Bridge in the "raised" position. Someone is creating a computer model for Trainz and request a picture of it in the raised position to create a more accurate working model. Thank you and Regards, John...
  19. jkinzel

    A Trip to the Willamette Valley

    A change of scenery was in order so we packed up and headed south to the Willamette Valley and Springfield, OR. My main objective was to checkout Harrisburg and Junction City, OR, for some reason they seemed like they might be a good place to move too for my retirement years. Conclusion: Good...
  20. jkinzel

    From the Water

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