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  1. SamReeves

    UP 1983 at Elkhorn this morning

    UP 1983 heads southbound at Elkhorn, California this morning on a Operation Lifesaver special. The Western Pacific inspired locomotive was sporting a Nathan M3 horn, reminiscent of what Western Pacific's locomotives sounded like in the day. It was fun to hear it echo off the hills at Elkhorn...
  2. SamReeves

    The end of an Era

    That should be it for SP roundhouses when it gets knocked down. None left.
  3. SamReeves

    India 2012 - 23: Goa VI - On Water, Rails and Elephant (50 p.)

    Wonderful travelogue. Liked the bridge from the fishing dock the best!
  4. SamReeves

    New Cascades Talgo

    Designer of the fail award for sure! LOL.
  5. SamReeves

    Nothing like the Indian commuter train

    No such thing as liability lawsuits in India! LOL. :D q1gE7P5HyaQ
  6. SamReeves

    844 in Black and White

    Looks good. Nice stuff!
  7. SamReeves

    India 2012 - 16: Pune - I have been to Monkey Hill! (50 p.)

    Obviously there are no special agents in India! Cool pix!!
  8. SamReeves

    Everyone ok?

    Salinas California has no tornadoes and no trains to speak of.
  9. SamReeves

    The 1990's Were Good....

    Memory lane for sure. Nice pix.
  10. SamReeves

    Another attempt at posting pics...

    I got a feeling they'll make the hill! ;)
  11. SamReeves

    A visit to the "Rathole"

    Excellent stuff for sure!
  12. SamReeves

    "Dead Blocks" - How Dead Can a Mainline Get?

    You have nothing to complain about. On the Coast here it's Amtrak down in the mid morning, and Amtrak up in the evening. Youpee rarely runs a train down the entire length of the line.
  13. SamReeves

    A few photos from the past few days in Kentucky

    Agreed. Like the West Point bridge there.
  14. SamReeves

    Norfolk Southern Saluda 5% Grade

    I'm surprised they don't break knuckles more often out there!
  15. SamReeves

    A SUNNY day on the Chattanooga Sub..

    Love that last photo, but get your saw out!! :D
  16. SamReeves

    "Developing process"

    Lots of experimentation! It'll take time to come to a workflow that is best for you. Usually I go over it with a fine toothed comb on each image. I avoid batch processing. But usually import on camera RAW, if it's a model I will tweak the settings…landscapes I usually go straight to PS...
  17. SamReeves

    Former CNW E8 now painted SP pulls Dinner Train on CP

    Interesting. I wonder if they'll try putting in some real numberboards one day?
  18. SamReeves

    The best website for railfans

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